Types of Fences for a Backyard Pool

Backyard PoolsPools are all about fun in the sun. Whether you’ve had one installed or plan to have one built in your own backyard, you’re probably looking forward to all the activities to be had both in and around the pool when the weather is right. But perhaps you have children and/or pets who might be able to gain entry to the pool area when you’re not around to supervise them? You could simply tell the kids that the pool is off limits whenever you can’t be there to oversee things, but that won’t exactly be an effective deterrent. After all, kids love pools, and they might take your absences as opportunities to go goofing around in the water. Therefore, it’s important to have the pool area barricaded with fencing. Continue reading

How to Care for a Backyard Pool

Pool MaintenanceIn a lot of ways, owning a pool is like owning a fancy car. Both can be great sources of adventure and recreation, and both can serve as visually rewarding status symbols. At the same time, both require maintenance and upkeep in order to stay in prime condition. In the long run, a pool, just like a car, can either mature or depreciate in value, and it largely depends on how much care you put into it. Continue reading

Child Friendly Pool Design

Child Safe Pool Design
Child Safe Pool Design
Kids and pools… one of the greatest combos since, well, you and your kids! Face it, without kids playing and splashing in it, your backyard swimming pool is just a massive hole with a thousand gallons of water in it. Backyard swimming pools are made to have frolicking children playing lively water games, getting sun-glistened cheeks, and giggling until the moon comes out. But is your pool as child friendly as it can be? When you were having it installed, did you put all the necessary … and not so necessary … elements into your pool to make it as free from danger, and yet full of fun, as it can be for your kids?

First step

Naturally, you feel the most important job of your entire life is keeping your children safe. Nothing trumps kid safety. Everything else is just gravy. You’ve probably already incorporated many safety precautions into your backyard, but there may be more things you can do to make sure your kids are as safe as they can be in and around your backyard pool. Here are some safety tips for kids and pools.

• Make sure all depth changes in your pool are marked clearly. Never have unmarked changes to depth inside the pool, especially if you have children who are yet unable to swim. If your pool does not clearly indicate such depth changes, contact a pool construction company to revamp areas that don’t have these marked. If you’re just putting in a new pool, be sure these are included in the pool design.
• Today’s pool designs can include bright lighting that is fun and whimsical for kids. Make sure all lighting is bright enough to avoid hazards. Add enough lighting fixtures everywhere in your backyard, especially in and around the pool.
• Pools stairs are fine, but the truth is there are safer means for children to enter and exit pools. Try a beach entry that allows your kids to glide into the water easily and safely. A graded deck that progresses into a ramp makes it easier for kids to wade or slide into a pool softly.
• Include automatic pool covers into pool design and construction, as well as monitors for safety.
• Kids run in pool areas. You can tell them to slow down, but chances are they’re just going to run again in a minute or two. To prevent as much risk as possible, avoid adding slippery stones, rocks, and other unsteady elements that kids could easily slip on to your landscaping, decks, and other backyard areas. For the safest conditions, create an area outside the pool where kids are designated to go to dry themselves off and put on nonslip shoes (that aren’t flip-flops, as little ones can easily trip when walking in these).
• Here’s something that not many people think about, but is inevitable. Your children are probably going to want to bring Fido into the pool with them. Always make sure that dogs have easy access to your pool. The same beach entries and graded decks that will allow children easy access are also good safety precautions for dogs and other pets you allow into the pool. Even dogs who are excellent swimmers can drown in the pool when they can’t find their way out of it.

Job fun!

Now that you’ve incorporated all the necessary precautions into your pool design and construction, it’s time to add some of the things that make kids excited to play in the pool. Slides are a great addition to any pool, and they can be built to just about any specifications. The simple truth is that kids love sliding down slides, and they’ll never want to stop swimming if you add this great feature to your pool. It’s also another safety feature that can be better than steps. Other wonderful features than can heat up the fun and cool down the boring for kids in your backyard pool include waterfalls, fountains, jets with streaming arcs and shooting sprays, and all manner of playhouses and funhouses that keep children engaged in the pool for hours.

Your kids have been sitting in classes day in and day out, all year long, waiting for the second that overhead bell rings … telling them ‘school’s out! … so they can play in the pool. Summer vacation is a time for cannonballs, belly flops, Marco Polo, and sharks and mermaids. Make sure your pool’s as child-friendly as it can be. Check every precaution off your child safety list. Then load up your pool with as much entertaining kids’ stuff as your backyard allows! Contact a pool construction company in your Westchester County area for more information on what you can do to make your pool fun filled and free of hazards.

In Ground Pool Design

In Ground Pool
In Ground Pool

Opulence, extravagance, elegance … these are the perfect words to describe the biggest and best trends in modern in-ground pool designs. Nothing beats relaxing pool side in summer, chatting with friends and family, and making a splash. But now how about upgrading that a bit? What if you could relax, chat, and order your favorite cocktail at the same time, without leaving your pool? Or how this … relaxing with friends, sipping that delicious cocktail, and watching your favorite summer flick … all in your own backyard! That’s exactly what this year’s hottest in-ground pool designs are all about … creating a luxurious retreat right in your own backyard. It is true that nothing says leisure like an in-ground pool. If you have been dreaming of adding a luxurious in-ground pool to your Stamford home’s backyard entertainment living space, this year’s hottest design crazes bring with them the epitome of lavish and luxury.

Swimming pools and movie stars

You don’t have to be a Beverly Hills millionaire to have a drive-in right in your own backyard! As all those big screen televisions are becoming more affordable than ever, so are their portable movie screen and projector counterparts, the ones that can create the fun and feel of a movie theater at poolside. And, as summer movie season heats up, so too will your party calendar when family and friends toss aside those long lines, high-priced popcorn, and sticky floors of the movie theaters, opting instead for a chance to cool down in your pool, party with buddies, and watch the latest flicks in cool, comfortable contentment!

To infinity and beyond

The latest ‘buzz’ in in-ground pool construction for 2014 … and beyond … is one of the most stylish and exciting designs in the pool industry ever. ‘Infinity’ … it means limitless, it means space, it means vast immeasurability, and that’s just how you and your guests will feel in your new infinity pool. Modeled after the ritziest hotels in the world, this stunning backyard style has been scaled down to fit right into your Stamford backyard. Also referred to as ‘negative edge,’ this pool’s design means just that … one edge of the pool is gone, and in its place is the striking illusion that your pool melts into the landscape. The position of the pool actually makes it look like it’s flowing right into your yard’s horizon, for a stunning effect that will amaze your guests!

Quest for fire

Backyard fireplaces and fire pits are, simply put, on fire this year! Of the four classical elements, your pool already makes great use of earth, water, and air. It’s high time you added fire. One of this season’s most popular trends is one of man’s most basic instincts … sitting around the fire. Roasting marshmallows and singing songs isn’t just for campfires anymore. With the many designs and styles offered in the latest of outdoor living, rustic and beautiful outside fire pits and fireplaces are heating up backyard entertaining like never before.

Cocktails anyone?

The swankiest resorts the world over are offering luxurious swim-up bars … and now you can, too! Nothing will get your partygoers moving and shaking like a refreshing poolside cocktail to liven things up. This year’s backyard in-ground pool designs aren’t complete without adding your own sumptuous bar for chic elegance and a touch of whimsy.

Midnight at the oasis

‘Til the evening ends, your guests will be delighted by the dazzling effects of water trickling over the ponds and fountains that gracefully enhance your backyard’s lovely landscape. Indeed, creating a backyard oasis has become quite possibly the hottest pool design trend of summer 2014. You can personally choose from hundreds of designs and thousands of combinations of the most beautiful stones, rocks, and plant and animal life to intensify the experience of your new backyard pool.

From entertaining swim-up bars to crackling fire pits to personal movie theaters and more, the hottest trends in pool design and construction for 2014 and beyond embody the very essence of comfort. For more information on how you can design and customize the backyard recreation living space of your dreams, contact a pool construction company in your area.

Eco Friendly Pool Design

Green Design
Green Design

Gone are the days when backyard pools ate up the yard and took over the land. In fact, so many of today’s pool designs are about blending harmoniously with natural surroundings. After all, water is such a beautiful natural element; it should be utilized to its fullest splendor. If you’ve been thinking about putting in a backyard pool, but you’re not happy with the way pool construction can sometimes impose on nature’s balance, you’ll be glad to know there’s a whole new world of pool designs that seek to create peaceful synthesis of your living space with the world around it. More than ever, modern pool construction and design are taking on the environmentally unfriendly pools of the past, and the result is a whole new alliance between your home and the world that surrounds it.

Green equals blue

Today’s designs of pool accessories are a small marvel of modern technology. They clean, heat, and filter while still conserving precious resources. Environmentally friendly means that pump innovation cleans without creating a huge carbon footprint. Today’s variable speed pumps shave up to 80 percent off electric usage because they use just the amount of energy needed to keep pool water clean and blue. Sand filters are a waste of precious water and energy. Statistics show that sand filters waste more water than just about every other pool filter due to backwashing, and there’s just no need for them any longer. For those who are conscious of their surroundings and appreciative of natural resources, cartridge filters are the way to go. These filters utilize thousands of gallons less per year than other filters and need very little cleaning. Diatomaceous earth (DE) filters require less time to filter, and today’s cartridge filter systems use much less water to clean your eco-friendly pool. Solar blankets, too, are a perfect green method of heating your pool because they borrow heat from the greenest source of energy ever, the sun. Solar heaters are a green way to keep pool water the right temperature because they also use energy from the sun, and they shut off automatically when desired temp is reached. Finally, to maximize green while still attaining blue, today’s timers can stop all that waste as they no longer require your pool’s filter to run 24/7.

Bio ethics

Blending with nature … that’s what your principles are all about. Today’s new bio designs in backyard pools are created with that in mind. They are constructed to perfectly blend your pool with your backyard’s environment. Imagine being able to custom design your pool to incorporate your yard’s landscaping right alongside it. As nature flows, so does your pool, perfectly integrating land and pool as the ultimate infusion of habitat with humanity.

Endless green

One of the concepts of living a greener life is to step lightly on the Earth. To this end, many people are opting for smaller homes that conserve resources. Spa pools can be an ideal means of doing this because they take up much less space than their elaborate counterparts. ‘Endless’ pools are designed specifically to fit into smaller spaces, using less resources and modest landscapes.

Green for life

If you’ve always dreamed of having a living, breathing pond right in your own backyard, this is the pool for you! For people who are really serious about being eco-friendly … to whom the words environmentally friendly mean life in its most natural form … nothing beats the latest trend in green pools known as ‘living pools.’ Nothing kills the idea of green more than the use of unnatural chemicals. Instead, living pools utilize natural mosses and aquatic life to eat algae that can attack your pool water. It’s the epitome of going green right in your own backyard.
Water is a natural miracle, and a backyard pool should gracefully connect with the natural world like the water that flows through it. If you dream of adding an oasis to your Stamford backyard that enhances, rather than encroaches, on the environment, take a look at today’s green pool designs. Modern environmentally friendly pools are the perfect extension of your yard’s landscape. Contact a pool construction company for more information on pool designs that create harmony and balance with your surroundings.

Trends in Landscape Design

Landscape Design
Landscape Design

How many times during the brutal Winter of 2013-14, were you standing at the window, face pressed against the glass, watching the snow slowly pile up on your deck? Were you mumbling and muttering to yourself “I can hardly wait for Summer to arrive” … well, living here in Monmouth County, New Jersey, in that endless snowy landscape, you know you sure weren’t alone. Perhaps you surveyed the Polar Vortex damage in your front and back yards and sighed heavily – what bushes and plants survived and which ones didn’t make it? Well, the Fourth of July is here, and if those bushes are still brown and without a sign of life, get your shovel and some elbow grease and yank those ugly bushes out now!

But, here’s a concept. Before you go to the nursery and buy replacement bushes, and saddle yourself with the tedious job of replanting, why not reclaim your backyard and make it into your go-to place to relax after work, kick back on the weekend all Summer and beyond – even during those crisp Autumn temps? You could seek the advice of a landscape contractor or peruse some unique DIY projects on the internet using your current hardscape. A stunning backyard does not need to be a landscape design consisting solely of flowers, bushes and trees. Why limit your backyard to boring bushes or peaked-looking perennials and annuals which have usually lost their spunk by Labor Day? If you haven’t re-landscaped in eons, there are many exciting new ideas to enhance your outside living area. Now that you’re left with the gaping holes and bare garden beds from the bushes and plants that bit the dust, consider extending an existing patio made of plain concrete or a slab, and leap into a more rustic look with paver bricks. There are many styles, sizes and colors to choose from and they are easy to maintain … a little sand or stone dust worked into the spaces between the bricks will keep your pavers looking perfect and your new patio is ready for some dancing on a moonlit night.

What about an outside kitchen? Now that will wow the neighbors for sure and it beats being cooped up indoors, standing over a hot stove while the family languishes poolside or out on the patio. Summer is so fleeting, so why not simply bring the inside kitchen outside? Cooking is never a drag when you’re enjoying meal preparation while catching up with everyone’s day. With the table and chairs a few steps away, there is no lugging everything in and out of the house to an old, splintery picnic table outside. This enables you to eat dinner just as late as you’d like with solar light treatments designed to add a decorative and functional glow to your outdoor living space. Once you’ve got that gleaming new grill and kitchen accoutrements, you’ll need some perfect outdoor furniture with snazzy, yet ultra-comfy cushions on which to relax. If you lack space for alot of chairs, think about getting wooden benches with built-in sturdy cushions to encircle the patio. Some of these outside settees can be used for storage purposes as well. Unless the mosquitoes make you run for cover, a fire pit would be the perfect touch for those long Summer nights spent with family and friends.

Part of reclaiming your backyard is turning it into a mini-paradise or an escape of sorts. Why not make it all about you? You can turn a humdrum fountain into an illuminated waterfall, where a gentle stream of trickling water flows over rocks, and is so soothing, that it is guaranteed to take the edge off at the tail end of a long workday. An oversized hammock is a great addition to any backyard, and now you can get them large enough for the whole family to sink into. If you’re not lucky enough to have two large trees in your backyard to string up a sturdy hammock, now is the time to visit your favorite local nursery and get yourself a pair of sturdy saplings. While those trees may look spindly right now, give them a few years and you will be relaxing in a humongous hammock, slung between those trees, sipping your favorite beverage and reading a great novel.

Waterscape Design
Waterscape Design

Now that we’ve created bliss in the backyard, it is time to evaluate the front yard. If that nasty Polar Vortex left plant and bush casualties in your front yard, you know that all the TLC in the world will not bring those bushes back. Time is a precious commodity, and you don’t want to spend any more of it than necessary doing back-breaking yard work when that backyard nirvana beckons, so keep it simple. You can still have a showplace front yard, if you follow these few landscaping tips.

– Never buy bushes that grow too fast or are high maintenance because they will look gangly or unkempt no matter how diligent you are with your pruning shears.


– A few strategically placed annuals or pots with colorful flowers will complement your foliage and add some appeal to your front yard, but not keep you constantly deadheading blossoms or a slave to the sprinkler or garden hose. If you have any questions you should consult a top landscaping contractor in Monmouth County and they will help you to design the perfect landscape

You know that you dreamed of these long, hot, lazy days of Summer, so with a little planning and some edgy landscape design, your very own backyard paradise in Monmouth County, New Jersey awaits you.