Types of Fences for a Backyard Pool

Backyard PoolsPools are all about fun in the sun. Whether you’ve had one installed or plan to have one built in your own backyard, you’re probably looking forward to all the activities to be had both in and around the pool when the weather is right. But perhaps you have children and/or pets who might be able to gain entry to the pool area when you’re not around to supervise them? You could simply tell the kids that the pool is off limits whenever you can’t be there to oversee things, but that won’t exactly be an effective deterrent. After all, kids love pools, and they might take your absences as opportunities to go goofing around in the water. Therefore, it’s important to have the pool area barricaded with fencing.

Child-Proof Isolation Fencing

Fencing is available in several different styles. Depending on the layout of your property, you might prefer a fence that covers the entirety of your pool, or one that simply encases your pool to the back of your house. If you have any small children in your home, you’ll want a fence that completely surrounds the pool area. With isolation fencing, your pool will be enclosed around all four sides. Isolation fencing is ideal for backyards where the pool itself is situated at a distance from the back door patio.

Perimeter Fencing

Perhaps you don’t have any children in your home who are too young to access the pool area unsupervised, but you’re still concerned about the envy of kids in your neighborhood? With perimeter fencing, your pool will be encased shoehorn style to the back end of your home. Whereas isolation fencing covers all four sides of your pool, perimeter fencing will close off three sides while your home closes off the fourth.

Removable Fences

Then again, you might have company over regularly and throw parties around your pool, in which case a fence could seem like a big elephant in your backyard. Removable fencing is a good option if you would like to take your fencing down now and then, which in most cases can be achieved in just a few minutes.

Different Types of Fencing Materials

Fencing styles are one thing; fencing materials are another, but the material you choose could affect the look of your pool area, as well as the durability of your fence. If you don’t mind the aesthetic quality of metal in your pool design scheme, steel can offer solid protection around your pool area throughout each season. Another popular choice in the metal spectrum is aluminum, which can also provide durable year-round fencing for your pool. Unlike steel, aluminum won’t rust from repeated exposure to rain.

Fancy Fencing Options

Metals are often seen as the practical choice for fencing, but you could also pick a fancier material. Glass fencing will provide a transparent barrier around your pool and give you an unobstructed view of the water. However, glass can take a lot of work to keep clean, and there’s always the chance of a glass fence getting chipped or cracked by colliding objects such as rocks or hale.

Traditional Fences

Or perhaps you’d just like the old fashioned, solid look of wood to surround your pool? With a wooden fence, your pool would have a solid encasement that could mesh well with the design of your house. On the down side, wood can take lots of maintenance as the years go by.

Modern Fences

There are also some less conventional fencing materials for you to chose from, like mesh and vinyl. Mesh fencing is a good choice for pool owners with small children because fences made from mesh materials are virtually impossible to climb. Then again, if you’re going for a more modern pool design scheme, you might prefer vinyl fencing. Vinyl comes in various colours and has a smooth appearance that complements a variety of aesthetic styles. Composite board is another low cost, low maintenance option if you want a more modern look for your pool area.

There’s a great variety of pool design schemes found on Stamford  residential properties. To best enjoy your pool, the scheme you choose should match your taste. But your pool area should also be encased with good fencing to prevent any unsupervised access from children or pets.


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