Pool Safety Equipment

Pool Safety EquipmentIf you’re having a pool installed in your backyard, the first thing on your mind is probably all the fun that you and your friends and family will have swimming and lounging by the pool side. But pool construction consists of more than a mind for fun; you must also consider the responsibilities that go with owning a pool. To that end, you’ll need to consider pool safety equipment such as fencing, alarms and suction-release systems.

Safe Pool Fencing

Remembering back to your childhood, there might have been times when you wanted to run off for a swim at a nearby pool but weren’t allowed? In retrospect, of course, you’re thankful that you were given adult supervision. If you’re now on the other side of the generation gap, your first concern as a pool owner should be how to prevent kids from entering the pool area when you’re unable to supervise them. The most surefire way to prevent children from entering your pool area unsupervised is with the installation of isolation fencing, which will surround the area on all four sides.

Other Fencing Options

Another way to barricade your pool is with perimeter fencing, which will enclose the area like a shoehorn to the backside of your house. However, this type of fencing will still allow direct access to the pool area through your back door, so it’s more intended as a barricade against children from neighboring homes. A third option is removable fencing, which can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes. Providing that the area is always supervised whenever the fence comes down, removable fencing could be your most convenient option.

Pool Safety Nets

Whenever you’re not using your pool, it’s a good idea to place a safety net over the surface. A net can be rolled out and fastened to the edges in just a few minutes. Safety nets are made to block heavy objects from falling into the water, and the net holes are small enough to prevent children, dogs or cats from falling through.

Heavy-Duty Pool Covers

In the dead of winter, it’s wise to cover your pool to keep debris from falling inside. With a proper safety cover, falling objects as heavy as 500 pounds will be blocked from falling into your pool. The best type of safety covers are made from mesh, which will block objects but allow rain to slip through. Pool covers are also made from vinyl, but these will allow rain puddles to build up unless the cover also has a drain panel.

Pool Area Alarms

If you barricade your pool with a four-sided fence, your best bet would be a gate alarm, which will activate if any break-in occurs. With perimeter fencing, setting an alarm for your pool would be the same as setting an alarm for your house. Therefore, you’d get more bang for your buck by installing a front-door alarm, which would effectively keep your whole property safe. If your back door leads to your pool area and you also have children in your house, it would also be good to place an alarm on your back door. The same would go for any windows that open to your pool area.

Fence and Poolside Sensors

Another way to stay alert of any unauthorized pool-area entry is with the installation of sensors. These devices can be attached to your fence or poolside to spread beams across the water, which will sound off if a pet or child crosses those beams. Emitting sounds of at least 110 decibels, these sensors can cover circumferences of up to eight yards.

SVRS for Your Pool

As of December 2008, all pools must be equipped with a Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS). The policy was made in response to a growing number of pool drownings caused by swimmers (especially child swimmers) who had gotten their hair and limbs stuck in underwater pool drains. The SVRS initiates a release mechanism whenever non-water objects come into contact with the suction of a drain.

Pool design in Stamford is generally approached with safety in mind. But as a residential pool owner, it’s best to have a forehand knowledge of all the essential safety equipment such as fences, covers and sensors before you open your newly built pool to family and guests.


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