In Ground Pools Vs Above Ground Pools

pool fencingAs you think about getting a pool installed in your backyard, you might be somewhat confused by the various options you’ll find in store. But while a vast array of pool design schemes exist for all sorts of tastes and backyard layouts, pool construction is a relatively straight forward process. Simply put, there are basically two ways a pool can be placed in your backyard: above-ground or in-ground.

Which is Better?

Whether you decide to get an above-ground or in-ground pool should largely be based on the weather patterns of your area. If you get a lot of cold weather in your area, an above-ground pool would be the more ideal option. But if you live in an area that usually has warmer weather, you’re better off going with an in-ground pool.

Pros and Cons of In-Ground Pools

An in-ground pool can increase the value of your property, especially if you live in a warmer area. From an aesthetic standpoint, the water body of an in-ground pool can provide a pleasing site for viewing from your deck or windows. In-ground pools also have their disadvantages, such as the steep initial costs of having one built. Once installed, the pool will require annual maintenance. It will also hike your electrical and water bills due to the needs of refilling the pool and running the filter system.

Shapes and Materials

You will find plenty of options with an in-ground pool, because they can be made in various shapes with all sorts of accoutrements, such as waterfalls and slides. In-ground pools can also be lined with tiles in a variety of designs and colors. The most popular shape for in-ground pools is rectangular, which is also the easiest to cover due to the measurements of most nets and safety covers.

Gunite In-Ground Pools

The majority of in-ground pools are constructed with either gunite or shotcrete concrete. A gunite pool, which can be built within weeks, provides the most options in terms of shapes and design. Gunite is laid down with a hose and topped with plaster comprised of gunite and colored pigment, along with several rows of decorative tiles.

Vinyl In-Ground Pools

Another option is vinyl pools, which are made from readymade liners that can be installed in a week’s time. The vinyl is attached to walls that are usually made from metal or plastic. Since they come from prepackaged kits, vinyl pools offer less variety in terms of shape, but more options as far as color. Vinyl can even be imprinted with patterns.

Fiberglass In-Ground Pools

You could also opt for a fiberglass pool, which would arrive at your backyard fully constructed. Fiberglass pools resemble giant bathtubs and, while generally more expensive and limited in style than gunite pools, can be installed and usable within seven days.

Advantages of Above-Ground Pools

If you’re looking for something less expensive, you could always go for an above ground pool. In addition to the pricing advantages, above-ground pool kits can be assembled and installed relatively quickly by experienced professionals. Above-ground pools are also more childproof due to their built-in fencing and gating. Some high-end pools of this variety even come with decks and rails. If you later end up moving, an above-ground pool would be a lot easier to remove if you decide to do so.

Disadvantages of Above-Ground Pools

On the downside, an above-ground pool won’t increase the value of your property. They’re also prone to the same water refill and maintenance needs as in-ground pools. With little more than four feet in depth, above-ground pools are not meant for diving.

Above-Ground Pool Style Options

Above-ground pools are usually manufactured in oval or circular shapes, though the circumference can vary. This can be convenient if you choose to change pools every few years or so, which you might wish to do as you make more money and expand the size of your household.

Pool construction in Westchester County consists of both in-ground and above-ground pools. Whichever type you choose, you should know that both have their advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps the most important thing to ask yourself is whether or not you want to invest in a pool installation that will outlast your occupancy of the property in question.


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