Types of Pool Filters

Pool Filters
Pool Filters

There are three types of pool filters to think about when it comes to pool construction in Greenwich CT.  They are; sand filters, cartridge filters and DE filters.  To be honest, all three work quite when they are installed the right way and maintained properly.  However, the difference therein lies within the actual performance of each filter – each one has its own performance issues variables, positive and negative.  Beyond performance, another big decision maker for homeowners is the cost of the filters.  Below, we will talk about those 3 types of filters and give a little more information about each filter so you can make a more informed choice.

Sand Pool Filters

These are one of the most commonly used filters out of all three.  The biggest reason they are used the most is because they are quite inexpensive.  Sand filters work just as well as the other two filters, but when it comes to microscopic debris; it does not work as well as the other two.  That’s why its performance is set at a medium level.  But, for some pool owners a microscopic piece of dirt, dust or debris is not important to them.  It really just depends on HOW clean you really want your pool to be.  Sand filters last 4-10 years approximately.  These filters work by way of sand called pool grade silica sand to filter out any debris and contaminants.  The off side to this type of filter is that in order to clean it, you have to use the backwash technique.  This also has to be done quite a lot – which could be a waste of water and chemicals on your end.

Cartridge Pool Filter

While these are used less than a sand filter, they are more efficient for quite a few reasons.  These types of filters work by literally filtering the water through a fabric rounded tube.  Initially the cost of these filters is a little more than sand filters and they also last less time.  However, they are considered the middle choice, because they are much cheaper than the DE option far and wide.  Beyond just cost, these filters are amazingly easy to clean and you don’t need to do a backwash process to clean them just a simple hose from the yard and some warm water.  This of course means no costly chemicals being used.  These usually last for 2-5 years and unlike sand filters, they can sift through particles that are much smaller than 40 microns, more like 10-20.  Before you go making any choices though, make sure you read below about diatomaceous earth Filters.

DE or diatomaceous earth Filters

Out of the above two filters, this filter is by far the most technologically advanced so one would assume already that it’s also the most expensive – and you would be right.  However, it has a right to be the most expensive because of the efficiency it brings to the table when it comes to pool filters.  Where sand filters can sift 40 microns or more and cartridge filters can sift 10-20 microns, diatomaceous earth can sift an even smaller amount – which means a really clean and non-contaminant pool.  The diatomaceous earth filter can sift 1-3 microns.  That alone is pretty amazing.  DE filters use grids as a way of cleaning the pool; in this case they use diatomaceous earth powder.  This powder is what you would expect to see when you hear the word diatomaceous earth; it’s usually pale in color, and is like a sand texture but ultra-fine in comparison and has no granules.  With all of these great benefits including the filtering of small microns, there always has to be one negative right?  Well, in this case, it’s the cost and maintenance of the filter itself.  These systems have to be backwashed like the sand filters above and they are also VERY fragile.  Obviously if you are cleaning it and it rips or tears, well to put it nicely, you’re pretty screwed.  You will need to buy a new filter and this could cost you a pretty penny!  The biggest pro for people that use these filters though, is that it really does keep your pool really clean which means you don’t have to worry about algae, dirt, bacteria or anything else for that matter.

If you want to see how these filters look and feel, your best option would be to call on a company that offers consultations for pool restoration in Greenwich CT.  Even if they do not sell the filters, they should be able to get you an example of what each one of these looks like and feels like.  If nothing else, you can always visit a pool store and take a look at your options there.


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