The Best Swimming Pool Cleaners

Robotic Swimming Pool CleanersAny pool design or construction company in Stamford will tell you that owning a swimming pool is like having your own vacation spot right outside your back door. It’s the ideal gateway to fun, relaxation, entertainment, and excitement … all rolled into one beautiful and elegant oasis. Of course, anyone who’s had a swimming pool knows that it takes a little work, but would also likely agree that the little bit of effort you have to put into it is a worthwhile trade-off for what you get in return. Cleaning your pool is perhaps the most important step in assuring that your wellspring continues to give back to you and your family year after year. There are many pool cleaning products and devices on the market today. So what are the best methods of cleaning your swimming pool? The fact is that pool-cleaning technology just keeps getting better and better. Here are some of the best products for keeping your pool as crystal blue as the water off a sandy white Hawaiian beach.

Robotic pool cleaners

A robotic swimming pool cleaner is easy to use because it’s automatic. This type of cleaner runs on electric power that comes from a transformer that’s plugged into your GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter). Robotic pool cleaners are very popular because they move around your pool on their own in a pattern, cleaning up small debris automatically.

Suction pool cleaners

A suction pool cleaner is actually one of the simplest types of automatic pool cleaner around because it works through your pool’s filtration system. Suction pool cleaners suck water and debris from the sides and bottom of your pool and help to circulate water. They can, however, clog the filtration system if large debris (such as sticks or leaves) is present. Suction pools cleaners are popular because they are inexpensive.

Pressure pool cleaners

Pressure pool cleaners typically work through your pool’s circulation pump. They move with the water pressure from the water return. Pressure pool cleaners are popular because they contain a bag for debris in order to avoid clogging the filtration system. Pressure pool cleaners work well on large debris that other cleaners can’t get, such as sticks and leaves. A pressure cleaner that contains a leaf skimmer is best.

Natural pool cleaners

Some folks prefer cleaning their swimming pools naturally. In this case, there are a few common methods of cleaning, including with the use of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or borax.

Hydrogen peroxide

When using it to clean your pool naturally, for best results purchase hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) with 35-percent H2O2 for pools and spas, which you should be able to find at your nearest pool and spa store or from an online vendor. H2O2 made for pools and spas is more stable and does not degrade as quickly as food grade hydrogen peroxide (if stored in a cool, dark place). Add 1 cup of this for every 500 gallons of water your pool contains. (You can check the level with hydrogen peroxide test strips. You want a concentration in the range of 50-100 ppm. If you need to shock your pool water, you can go as high as 1000 ppm.) It’s important to note, however, that using hydrogen peroxide with natural rubber components is advised against, as it will cause rubber deterioration.

Baking soda

Baking soda is good for regular pool maintenance. Add 1 1/2 lbs baking soda for every 10,000 gallons of water in your pool. Total alkalinity should be about 10 ppm.


Borax typically can be found in the laundry detergent aisle of any grocery store or supermarket. Borax helps to increase pH levels. Use 1/2 cup of borax for every 10,000 gallons of water in your pool for cleaning and maintenance.

Your pool … it might just be the most rewarding investment you’ve ever made. After all, there’s nothing else in this world that can both calm and energize you, and it does it all without you having to step outside the privacy of your own home! That’s why it’s important to take care of your swimming pool’s water with the right cleaners and cleaning products. If you have a pool, or you’re considering installing one, and you have questions about cleaners or any other aspect of maintaining a swimming pool, contact a pool construction company for more information.


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