How To Determine the Best Pool Size

Best Pool SizeYou’ve always wanted to put a swimming pool in your backyard, and you’ve finally decided to take the plunge. Installing a swimming pool is the ideal way to have your own self-contained holiday resort, but now that you’re ready to dive right in, your head is positively swimming with questions. Bad pool puns aside, it’s a pretty safe bet that, if you’re ready to install a swimming pool in your yard, you really are seeking answers, and the first thing on your mind likely is what size pool to get. Choosing the right size for your Stamford home is vital if you want to get the most out of your pool. There are several factors to consider when deciding on swimming pool size. The simplest way to think about what pool size to elect is to use ‘the three Ps.’ That’s right, when it comes to pool size, it’s all about purpose, people, and partaaaaays!

What is your purpose for building a pool?
It might sound like a silly question, but the fact is that there are several types of swimming pools available, making purpose a necessary question to consider. Are you looking for a pool mostly for recreation? If so, you might not require a pool with great depth, especially if you’ve got kids. Of course, in this case you can always opt for a recreational pool with a shallow end for little ones, graduating depth for most everyone else, and even a deeper end for more serious swimmers. Maybe you’re thinking about installing a pool mostly for fitness. In this case, your best option might be a spa pool, especially if the area where you’re planning on installing the pool isn’t very large. However, if you’re going all out for fitness, recreation, and athletics for any competitive lap swimmers in your family, you may even be considering an Olympic-sized pool that combines everything in one giant oasis.

You’ll also need to decide which type of pool you want, such as fiberglass or steel-walled vinyl liner. These are considerations that should be discussed with your pool design or pool construction company in Stamford, since it will be necessary to survey the ground and area of your backyard to make the best determination. A pool construction company can also take a look at your landscaping and offer advice concerning the best shape that will fit into your yard.

How many people will use your pool?
Something else that may seem obvious when choosing pool size and type is how many people will be using your pool. Of course, you and your family likely will use the pool on a regular basis. But now think about how many friends you plan to invite. If you’ve got kids, chances are they’re going to want to invite friends … a lot of them. Talk to your children about how many friends they plan on inviting over on a regular basis. Owning a backyard pool is an excellent way to know where your kids are at any given time, since before you know it, your home is the block’s HQ for swimming fun. Naturally, the more people you plan on having over regularly or even semi-regularly will help you to determine its size.

Do you want any extras for your pool?
Another thing you need to take into consideration is what types of additional options you’ll want for your pool. If you’re planning on having parties in your new pool, then you may want to include options such as a water slide, patio, dining area, and even perhaps a diving section for a pool that will include a deep end. Additionally, if you have kids, a water slide will be a good addition, especially since it’s likely they’re planning on having friends join them. If you have wee little ones, you should include a wading area. Some wading areas can even be built separately in order to be converted into spas or spa pools when little ones grow out of them. It’s important to discuss all of these and other options with your pool design company to ensure you’ll be getting the most out of your pool.

Tips and warnings
There’s really no need to fret about measuring the space where your pool will be installed because your pool construction company in Stamford will be knowledgeable about measuring, as well as how much space will need to be cleared for total installation. It is, however, important for you to know the locations of all telephone lines, electrical lines, gas lines, cable lines, and buried sewers before digging begins. You may also need a permit, especially if you’re planning on putting in a very large pool. Your pool construction company should be knowledgeable regarding permits and underground obstacles.

Installing a swimming pool in your backyard has a wealth of benefits. From fitness and fun to soothing serenity, having the cool, clear waters of a swimming pool right outside your back door is a great way to bring the ocean close to home. And the many pool designs and construction possibilities available in the industry today make putting in a pool even more exciting. If you’re ready to add the beauty and entertainment of a swimming pool to your yard, contact a pool construction company to have all your questions answered.

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