How to Design Landscape Around a Pool

Landscape Around a PoolA beautiful swimming pool in your backyard … it’s part of the American dream for many people in Greenwich and throughout the country. In fact, it’s estimated that upwards of 32 percent of all home owners in the United States own a pool. Swimming pools come with myriad advantages, from recreation to fun to relaxation. And if you’ve got kids, then you’ve got a whole new level of perk to your pool. Of course, landscaping around your own little ocean can be a bit intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. The truth is, though, that landscaping with a pool can be just as simple as landscaping without one. By incorporating just a few important steps into your landscaping project, you can create the area you’ve always dreamed of, with your swimming pool as the front-and-center star of the show. Here are some tips on designing landscaping around your pool that can help you turn your backyard into an elegant arena of beauty and entertainment.

Make a budget

The first thing you need to do is to decide how much money you want to spend. Take into consideration plants, tools, planting, and maintenance. If you’re using a landscape contractor, get three estimates from landscapers in Monmouth County and decide on the best one for your needs.

Take inventory

The next thing you need to do is to walk around your entire yard and take inventory. Naturally, if you’ve got debris on your lawn that needs to be disposed of, this will have to go before you do any landscaping. Additionally, if you have a shed or any type of building, cars, etc., on your yard, you may need to find another place for them or work around them. (Of course, cars on blocks definitely aren’t going to add artistry to your landscaping.) You’re going to be developing a plan for your landscaping project, so knowing what’s there and getting rid of what you don’t want will be necessary before you do any sketching or actual landscape work. At this stage, take graph paper, a pencil, and measuring tape with you. Measure your yard and sketch what’s already in it onto the graph paper.

Decide what you like

Next, you’ll want to decide what types of plants interest you. Go to a lawn center or home improvement store that has a lawn department, look around to see what the possibilities are, and speak with knowledgeable associates who can give you specific information about the types of plants that will work in your area and yard. At this stage, it’s very helpful to contact a landscape design company or landscape contractor to get the best information about plant types and how much water, sunlight, maintenance, etc., they need. You don’t want to get your heart set on a certain kind of flower or plant only to find it will take more time than you plan on spending on maintaining it, it’s not going to work for your yard’s soil, or especially if it won’t work well around a pool that likely will have water splashing out of it.


When you’re in the decision stages of landscaping around a pool, it’s important to consider that you will probably need a fence around your pool (if you don’t already have one), especially if your town requires it. Privacy and chain link fences are good for keeping out unwanted guests. In this case, you may also want to contact a landscape design company that can help you choose the right kind of fence that will have a two-fold purpose: to beautify your living space as well as to keep out neighboring children and animals.


When deciding on types of flowers and other plants to include in your landscaping, avoid plants that have a lot of leaves that could end up in your pool, leaving a mess and clogging your pool’s filtration system. Learn which plants and flowers should be avoided. Two of these are geraniums and petunias, as they lose leaves, and you’ll be cleaning up after them often. Another type of plant that must be avoided near swimming pools is anything that contains extensive roots. Many large bushes and trees can damage your pool because of their root systems. Another thing to think about when deciding on plants is color. Try to add some color to your landscaping that will assimilate well with, or even accentuate, your pool.

Make a plan

After you’ve inventoried your yard and done a little homework on the best plants to include around your pool, it’s time to develop your plan. Make a plan that will make pool maintenance easy. Try not to come up with anything that will add work to your pool’s maintenance plan. Again, plants that lose leaves will leave a mess and clog your pool’s filter. Use the graph paper that contains your work from the inventory stage to sketch plants and flowers into your plan.

With all its crystal blue water and recreational advantages, nothing beats owning your own swimming pool. Nothing, that is, unless it’s adding a splendid landscape that beautifully assimilates your lawn with all that shimmering H2O. If you find the area around your pool is lacking in landscaping, put a few of the above tips to work. Pretty soon your yard will be the breathtaking and entertaining living space you’ve always imagined it could be. For more information and assistance on incorporating your landscaping in with your swimming pool, contact a pool construction company.



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