Backyard Pool Themes

Backyard Pool ThemeOne of the really cool things about having your own backyard or swimming pool area, is that you can ultimately create whatever experience, theme or look you want to. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a Zen Garden, Japanese Garden, Tropical Theme, Medieval or whatever else. You just have to know where to start in the “blueprint” of designing your oasis. If you want some really cool ideas to get some inspiration or ideas from, make sure you continue to read below for some of the best themes when it comes to themed yards.

Japanese Garden

When people think of the term Japanese or the culture one thing usually comes to mind: Peacefulness or Zen. When it comes to designing your backyard for this theme or even when it comes to pool design in Stamford, make sure that you are using almost all of your senses and incorporate those senses into objects. For example, for seeing, you might want to create a nice big beautiful entrance to your yard. You can easily do this by adding a visually stimulating bamboo fence, an arbor and an attractive gate. On the other hand, if you want to create sounds or hearing for the senses, you might want to create water falling, dripping or flowing. This can also be done pretty easily by adding a pond with different levels so the water flows down a path or by even adding a waterfall to your swimming pool so you can hear the water trickling down – it’s one of those sounds that always makes people more relaxed, just like that of white noise. One of the biggest things you can do to make a real impact on your backyard when it comes to a Japanese garden is to add subtle color differences in the plants and trees. Adding green vine plants, bluish evergreens and mustard yellow trees is just one way to go about this! You can also make an impact by adding in different sizes of stone pagodas, stone steppers and gravel for a more Zen effect.

Tropical Retreat

Creating a tropical retreat in your backyard is easy – just make sure you don’t get too carried about and make it a jungle rather than a little oasis! For the swimming pool itself, you really have two different options; natural swimming pools or faux rock pools. For the natural swimming pools, also called green pools, these are ingeniously built pools that are ecofriendly, don’t use chlorine and really become a part of your habitat (your yard) they use plants as a way of filtering your water instead of using something like Chlorine to clean the bacteria from the water. While natural pools do have their benefits, they also have their advantages; bugs, snakes and spiders may like your pool also since it doesn’t have chlorine in it and it’s a more natural way to create a pool! If you hate bugs or spiders or creepy crawlies and you want to create a faux rock pool instead, this can be done as well by adding faux rocks and boulders made from cardboard, water, sand and concrete. You can buy these or even make them from scratch which is pretty cool! You can use these to surround your pool or your walkway to make a visual impact on the theme. You can also add a sandstone decking which has the color of sand and add blue tiles to the floor and sides of your pool so it looks like you are really at the beach!


A Mediterranean theme is really all about stone, big powerful arches, blue tiles/paint, lots of terra cotta and the feel of being someplace else, like an Italian or Grecian location. If you want ideas for a Mediterranean theme, oh boy I’ve got just what you want. Let’s start with Arches: One of, if not the most powerful and amazing thing about the Mediterranean, is the arches and if you want to create a Mediterranean theme or pool design in Stamford, you have to start with the arches. These arches, which can ultimately be made from any material, but are very popular in stone and stucco, are an important part of Ancient Rome. If you build a Ramada or another type of foundation in your hard, build arches as an entry way into the section. Cobalt blue is a popular color with this theme because it represents water and the blue roofs of Greece. Be sure to add cobalt blue tiles to your pool.

Gourmet Kitchen Theme

It probably sounds like this is just a blueprint for a kitchen outdoors, but there are other things you can do in your actual yard to incorporate the whole food theme. Once idea is that instead of adding things like fir trees, inedible flowers and plants, is to add a whole ecological system – that is edible. There is so much fauna that is edible, I think you might be really surprised that it’s not just about fruit trees and herbs. There are so many options available to you for an edible yard, think of it as a Willy Wonka factory, but for people that love to cook and it can be as big or as small as you want. You can create a whole layer of edibles or you can create a small garden. It’s up to you. Some ideas for edible plants, flowers and trees include things like Chamomile (German Chamomile), yes this is the same stuff they put in tea. But, it’s also a really pretty flower that smells delicious! Alfalfa (Lucerne) the shoots (young) can be eaten raw and the leaves can be dried and used for soups, sauces, even hot tea. The sprouted seed (alfalfa sprouts) is also commonly used in salads and on sandwiches. Stinging Nettle can be eaten only when cooked, but the entire plant is edible, it’s really popular in European locations and can be used in soups, salads and on sandwiches. Very versatile. One word of advice: Make sure you or your family isn’t allergic to anything in the yard or garden, especially if you have little kids or animals.


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