Types of Lighting for Pools

Lighting for PoolsInstalling the right kind of lighting around your pool is as important as the pool itself. Just like inside your home, lack of lighting, or the wrong types of lighting, can be dangerous. Couple that with slippery walkways and a body of water in your backyard, and you’ve got a serious safety hazard. The right kind of lighting in and around your swimming pool is a vital part of the security of your family and friends. It’s also the perfect way to add fun, excitement, and even elegance to your pool and landscaping. If you’re looking for better ways to light up that entertainment arena you’ve already created in your backyard, here are some tips on the different types of lighting that can help you make your pool the safe and enjoyable addition to your Stamford home you had in mind.


Nothing looks cooler or illuminates your pool better than adding lighting under the pool’s water. Some underwater lighting can even sit within your pool’s water return, making it convenient and effective. Underwater lighting is huge this year, and that means there are many different shapes and colors to choose from in today’s pool accessory industry. If you’re planning on using underwater lighting, try going for creativity, color, fun, and most especially, illumination. After all, it’s nice to have some whimsical color and shapes under your swimming pool’s water, but if the lighting you choose doesn’t help to illuminate the water and create a safer swimming area, then you’re missing the main reason for adding light. When choosing underwater lighting for your pool, opt for lights that cast a ray of light equal to your pool size, for optimal safety.


The sun is an excellent resource for lighting a swimming pool, and the options in the solar swimming pool lighting industry these days are practically innumerable. Solar lights are economical because they pull the sun’s rays as their source of illuminating your pool and surrounding area, helping you to save money for other things, like that great water slide your kids have been pestering you to install.


Floating lights for the swimming pool are all the rage in the pool industry because they come in every color imaginable to help you create the ambiance you desire for your pool water. Floating lights also help to illuminate your swimming area, and that aids in making your pool safe for all swimmers. Floating lights come in many different shapes, colors, and styles, and you can even find some that create a light show, fountain, or disco style right in your pool. Additionally, what’s great about floating lights is the fact that you can change them up depending on your mood and purpose.


Illuminated globes are a beautiful and elegant way to create a safer swimming experience for everyone who uses your pool. Globes come in varied brightness, colors, sizes, and styles, making them an excellent choice for patios, decks, and even to place nearer to the pool for added illumination of the swimming area. Today’s choices in globe illumination are practically endless. And, because of their beauty and uniqueness, globe lighting around your pool is a conversation piece that will dazzle guests and make your pool’s entertainment area extra special.

In-ground pool lighting

In-ground pools often have areas within them that are accommodating to extra lighting. In-ground pool lighting typically uses a source of electricity that integrates with water, having a 12-volt transformer and bulbs that shine underwater.

When you installed a swimming pool in your backyard, you did it because you wanted your family and friends to have fun. But if you don’t have the right lighting, your pool is trouble waiting to happen. Before your next morning H2O workout or evening of entertainment with friends, take inventory of the lighting in and around your pool and surrounding landscaping. After it gets dark, walk around your pool’s exterior, on all pathways and walkways, and throughout every area of your yard to make sure you can see your way clearly. Then, assess the fun factor of your oasis. If you find any areas lacking in safety or creativity, it’s time to add in some lighting to make it as secure and entertaining as it can be. Contact a pool design company for more ideas on today’s many options in pool lighting.

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