Epic Backyard Swimming Pool Designs

Backyard Pool DesignThese days, there seems to be a top ten, 20 or 30 list for all sorts of things. But, for this particular list we are going to talk about pool construction trends in Stamford and of course the epic backyard swimming pool designs that are created. Swimming pools are such a beneficial thing to add to your yard. Not only is it really healthy for you to swim; great for your arms and legs, helps strengthen your lungs and is great for your heart, but it’s also just a beautiful addition that can add fun, relaxation and entertainment to any home. Not to mention the fact that adding a swimming pool to your home can lend value to the price point if and when you sell your home! That third one is usually the most beneficial to homeowners that will want to sell down the line. In any case, if you love swimming or swimming pools, you probably want some cool ideas on trends and pools so when you get yours built, you already have a few plans on what you want. Well, without further ado, check these epic swimming pools out!

Negative Edge and Hot Tub Overlooking a Cliff

This is not only really epic, its dramatic and the views are amazing. It’s quite literally, a negative edge pool that is built over a cliff and it overlooks the ocean. One thing is that you would really have to make sure the builder did a good job with the foundation. Can you imagine swimming in this and hearing it crack? Ah! Negative edges were used in this specific design because it made an eventful impact on what it was looking out upon, in this case the ocean and the city below it. The hot tub is actually built a small level above the pool so that the water filters into the pool, and a pump pumps it back from the pool into the hot tub, It most likely uses a lot of energy to do this, but if you can afford to build an extravagant pool like this one, you can afford the pump and the bills that come with it!

Brick Negative Edge Freeform Vinyl Swimming Pool

This pool is actually made from vinyl, which is much cheaper than the cost of gunite, which means you can spend your budget on more important things! The freeform shape of this pool is also accentuated by different layering levels of water steps as well as different levels and shapes of planters for things like trees and flowers. It’s not as impactful as the pool above, but it’s still a pretty cool pool. The outer layer of the pool as well as the steps are a tannish red brock which lends to the environment of the backyard.

Freeform Negative Edge Pool with Golf Course View

If you live in a gated golf community and you want to find a way to not only use pool construction trends in Stamford that are visually stimulating, but also incorporate your general surroundings of the golf course, this is a cool pool to do it with. It’s a freeform pool, which makes it great for lounging around or doing laps in, but it’s also a negative edge pool which are all the rave these days. The negative edge reaches around to the front of the pool enveloping the golf course into the design. The pool itself, also uses rock features, a grayish cement decking and black tiles on the pool bottom and sides to blend into the environment.

Ultimate Rock Feature Backyard Swimming Pool

Unlike the other designs, this one is not a negative edge pool. If you have a really big backyard and have no idea what to do with it, this is a good option because it takes up quite a lot of space – definitely not for a smaller yard! The pool itself is accentuated with a variety of rocks including a rock waterfall and rock wall. It has a very big impact on your eyes visually, and the sound of the water running off the rocks, is unlike anything else! You could even add a faux rock slide to add to the layers of this pool if you want to. Just be sure to add rocks, textures and colors that help it blend into your environment and your yard. This pool looks like something you would see at a 5 star resort!

Ultimate Relaxation Pool with Water and Fire Features

Fire and water are a huge trend this year and next year when it comes to pool construction trends. Adding fire to your water surroundings can be as subtle or dramatic as you want. For this specific design they added a large gunite pool that has roman style features, an attached hot tub and deck, as well as a fire feature on the backside of the pool which is used to illuminate the breathtaking lake behind the fire. The pool also uses a few light blue LED lights inside the hull to create an even bluer dramatic representation. Add in a few palm trees, some faux rocks, and some sand and you have yourself an epic tropical island themed pool.


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