Trends in Backyard Pool Decks

Backyard Pool DecksIt doesn’t matter who you are, where you live or what type of a swimming pool you have; presentation is everything. Pool decks have a few different benefits. First off, depending on the material you use, these pool decks are a great thing to use for safety – they usually keep you from sliding or slipping, which is especially important around the edge of the pool. Obviously things like marble are not going to be slip resistant, because when water gets on marble, it tends to get incredibly slippery. But for materials like travertine, flagstone and cement are definitely slip free. Second off, pool decks add beautify and style. Depending on the type of materials you choose you might have options such as choosing the sizes of the slabs/tiles, the colors, the designs, even the stamping of the materials. It’s a really awesome way to make the pool and the deck “yours” by customizing it however you want. Lastly, pool decks tend to keep your feet cool, which might not seem very important until you are in 100 degree weather and the area surrounding the pool feels like a kitchen skillet! With all of these different factors and benefits, who wouldn’t choose a pool deck?!? If you are interested in a pool deck or you want to know more about the different materials used, keep reading for pool construction trends in Stamford.


If you want a really luxurious material that is built for a king sized pool, you need to check out Travertine. This by far and wide the most commonly used materials used for decks. Not only is it one of the most hard wearing materials, but it’s incredibly beautiful and attractive to the eyes. This specific material is age old – Ancient civilizations such as the Greeks and Romans used travertine on all sorts of foundations, blocks and archways. Now, more than ever though, pool builders use this material because it’s a porous material and usually remains cool to the touch. These decks are also slip free, and they can handle different weather conditions – from hot to cold. Rich and luxurious in color this stone comes in ivory, brown, light brown and goldish brown red as well as different finishes including tumbled, honed and polished.


Another really commonly used material; flagstone has deep and rich earth tone colors like mustard yellows, browns, blacks, chocolate brown, creamy whites and more. This is a really amazing stone to use if you live in or around mountains or the desert because it complements the colors of your surroundings and makes your pole even more impactful in design, color and style. This is also a stone that is slip free, can resist high heat and moisture and you can walk on it constantly without ever having to worry about over-use of the stone. Thankfully, this stone is also low maintenance, it’s very easy to install and it comes in a lot of custom options like different sizes, shapes, color, styles, etc. Ultimately, you could create a design that no one else in the world could have, kind of cool if you think about it!


It needs to be said, slate = sexy. Marble might look amazing in a kitchen, but something about natural slate outdoors is just amazingly sexy. Maybe it’s the colors; it ranges from black to red to rust orange and even purples, greens and blues. Maybe it’s the way it sparkles in the sun after the water drips all over it. Maybe it’s because it’s tough, durable and everlasting. Who knows? But, if you want people to see your pool and you want their jaws to drop – use slate, you will get just the reaction you want!

Coral Stone

This might not be a material you heard a lot about or know a lot about, but it’s time to get educated! This is a material or a fossil if you will that is made from fossil stone and keystone – essentially it contains coral and shell fossils, sand and limestone. This right here is one tough material for your deck. The great thing about it being tough is that its Mother Nature’s natural progression. No man or machine was used to make it tough, it just is. Its strength by nature causes it to fight away everything from freezing cold temperatures to blazingly hot sun, to pool chemicals like chlorine, to a lot of foot traffic from your friends, family and kids and even saltwater can’t hurt it. It is the Superman of deck materials. It’s also non slip and it is very easily maintained.


Another sexy material that looks good anywhere, no matter what location you live in. This “blue” stone literally has a bluish tone to the stone, its perfect for outdoor use is essentially non slip and as one would assume, it is water resistant. The stone usually has a blue to blue gray or even blue black look to it and is usually finished in 3 different options which include thermal, nature cleft and non-uniform – all have different features and benefits.


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