Types of Vanishing Edge Pools

Vanishing Edge PoolsVanishing edge pools, also known as infinity pools are unlike any other pool design you have ever seen before.  Unlike a regular swimming pool which usually has some sort of a “frame”, edge or lip around the outside of the pool, a vanishing swimming pool does not have this.  Mind you this is not the same as an endless pool.  An endless pool is more about getting a good work out – it uses type of current to keep you swimming without ever reaching the end of the pool.  A vanishing edge or infinity pool is less about a good workout, and more about a beautiful “seamless” swimming pool that looks good.  many people choose these types of pools if they want a dramatic edge – or if they have the front facing part of their pool in the same line with something like a ocean, lake or river – the seamless design makes it look like the pool and the body of water are one, as if you swam just a little further, you would swim right into the body of water.  Sounds scary, but I promise you, this is more about looks and beautify than anything else, it’s amazing the way your eyes can fool you into thinking the pool is one with the ocean!  When it comes to pool design in Stamford, there are quite a few different ways to go about designing the pool itself, as well as the objects surrounding the vanishing pool.  If this is something you are considering, you should continue below for some cool ideas.


This is a really cool pool area, because it’s built right in the center of the yard which is essentially farmland.  You have a lot of lush grass, wild flowers and a few trees on the outer edge of the yard.  The foundation of the pool area is built from a wall of rocks – different shapes, colors and textures can be used of course, but in this idea the rocks tend to be more worn looking.  It is a farmhouse after all.  The rock wall has two opened sides – the first opened side is where the vanishing edge goes – it looks like it spills out onto the farmland, even better if your side of the pool facing out towards the farmland is where the sun rises or sets, it gives it a really dramatic feel.  The other opened end of the rock wall is where the entrance/exit of the deck is to go back to the farmhouse.  The patio itself inside the rock wall is made from a really natural tan stone.  Sure you could do any kind of a stone you want, but I really love the almost sandy look a tan stone has that really brings in the surroundings of the farmhouse.  Part of the section that is open from the rock wall, but is also part of the patio, is still enclosed, but this time you can use a wood fence with natural wood sticks – not like the usual wood fences you see everywhere else!

Italian Edge Pool

If you have really beautiful scenery to look at, for instance in Italy or Tuscan to be precise, you might want to use all of that natural scenery in your vanishing edge pool.  In order to do this, unlike the smaller squares pool at the farmhouse above, you would want to create somewhat of a long and skinny lap pool.  The forefront of the pool could be your patio and you can design it however you want, but if you are in Italy or you are trying to create that Italian cafe vibe, stick with colors like tans, terracotta, and off grays.  The patio would be captivating in a stamped stone in peach or terracotta and your furniture such as black metal lounge chairs can bring in those colors using terracotta colored cushions.  You can then use wooden umbrellas with a terracotta umbrella color.  Behind the patio if you have room, you can create a line of rock wall made from different sized and textured stones and beyond that line of rock you can create another layer of height and color by adding in tall skinny Juniper Blue bushes on either side of the entrance to the patio and then adding little smaller bushes in a row.  The vanishing edge pool – the background edge, will be completely vanishing, giving it the look that your pool water is dripping over the edge into whatever scenery you have available – for some people it might be a quaint little village below, for others it might be a forest.

Ocean View Vanishing Pool

This is one of my all-time favorite vanishing pools.  In fact, if you have a beach house and you are creating a pool design, you sure as heck better take advantage of that real estate and the view you have and create a vanishing edge pool!  This type of vanishing edge pool uses a retaining wall, patio and stones/boulders around the pool in a very light sandstone color – think beach sand tones.  The rocks and boulders create the look of bringing the tropics around the beach, in towards your pool rather than just having a pool in the middle of an ocean or beach – it tends to make more sense once you see it in action.  Find a few pictures on Houzz to see a swimming pool using stones and boulders or even sand to bring the outside scenery and landscape in.  The pool itself is oval in shape, but if you have the room you can create a bigger “swimmable” shape such as a figure eight, round or rectangular lap pool.  The outer part of the pool that is facing out towards the beach will be where you place your vanishing edge.  You can also use sky blue tiles on the walls and floor of the pool which retracts light from the sun and gives your water an ocean type color to it.


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