Popular Water Features

Pool Water FeaturesWhen it comes to a swimming pool, you can get as plain or decorate as you want.  That’s the great thing about pool construction after all.  You can make the pool fit your needs (wading pool, swimming pool, just for looks pool, etc.)  You can create it so it fits your budget, you can create it so it fits your yard (different shapes, sizes, depth, etc.), you can create a green and yellow colored pool, brown and white, and you can even create a rainbow pool if you really want to!  When it comes to the accessories, landscape and lights around the pool though, this is a whole other ballgame.  Sure, you don’t have to add anything if you don’t want to.  You can just have a swimming pool, some chairs to sit in and a patio.  But, if you are going to have a swimming pool, why not do all you can and make it really spectacular?!  One of the most popular options, beyond just lights and landscape around a swimming pool, are the water features.  Water features can be anything you want it to be – as big or small, dramatic or plain.  But, if you are looking into pool construction in Stamford and you want some ideas or you just want to see what is available as far as water features go, be sure to continue reading below for some awesome ideas!

Sheer Descents

Sheer Descents are a really popular option, not because of how they look necessarily, but because of the functionality and change that they can offer.  A sheer decent is usually presented as a waterfall.  It produces a clear line or arch of water, but the great thing about this is that it can either be used to create a silent glass like sheet of water or it can create a sort of rushing waterfall option.  This is a great option for anyone that is thinking about pool construction – not only can it be added to a pool, but it can be added to a spa as well if that’s what you choose to do.  These models can be very small – from 8 inches in length to much larger – at around 8-10 feet in length.  There are also different styles for the sheet descents waterfall such as rain, arc, rain arc and curtain.  They all have their own look and appeal so make sure if you are getting a new descent put in that you get a demo before it’s done so you can see which options you like the best.

Deck Jets

As the name states, these are deck jets – jets that are installed into your deck or patio.  Essentially they are like little spouts, sort of like a sprinkler system, that create an arc of water that sprays into your swimming pool.  The cool thing about these little deck jets is that your pool constructor can also install little lights within the tube of the deck jets, these LED lights, when its dark out, can create arcs of water and light to make your swimming pool a little more playful at night.  The cool thing about these deck jets is that they allow you to create higher or lower arc depending on what you want, and most of the time, depending on who installs and exactly what product it is, the arc can be lowered or raised depending on your mood that specific day.  Now, with the LED lights and the Deck Jets, the same goes for the lights.  They come with 9 different colors, there are different settings to choose from – 5 different light shows to be exact and they can be changed at the touch of a button.  Most of the LED deck jets come with a remote control so you could be indoors or outdoors and change what colors you want to show up, in what order and how high or low you want the water to go.  It’s very customizable.


Planters come in a few different options.  We will start with the most basic option and move on from there.  Essentially, as the name states, these are planters or foundations – square in shape, that are made from different materials of your choice such as bricks on the side and a slab of sandstone on the top.  Inside of these little planters are little mechanisms that spill the water out through a slit in the brick of the planter.  It sounds more confusing than it really is.  These planters that are square in shape are usually placed near the outside of the pool; the water that spills out from them is spilled inside the pool itself.  These are pretty archaic considering the other options available, but they are still pretty nonetheless.  Another option is to build a retaining wall around the area of one part of your pool and then use the same design as previously mentioned.  Since this is a retaining wall, you can add soil, flowers, bushes, trees or whatever else you want to the inside of the foundation and then place the planter underneath the dirt/soil to hide it.  It creates a waterfall or fountain effect.  Even further, there are these same options using the retaining wall and using something like the deck jet with LED lights to light the water up as it goes into your pool.  Very cool, and you can choose whatever colors you want.


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