Concrete Pools vs. Fiberglass Pools

Concrete Backyard pools“With this bonus check, I’m putting in a swimming pool!” Clark Griswold was his family’s hero when he excitedly made this announcement during Christmas vacation. Why? Because everybody loves a swimming pool! If you’ve been dreaming of being your family’s hero by putting a swimming pool in your backyard, you likely have tons of questions about pools. You’ve heard of concrete pools, and you’ve heard of fiberglass pools, but which type is best? Is there that much of a difference between the two? What are the pros of each? What are the cons? Which will cost more to maintain? Which one will take more of your time to keep clean and working in proper order? Here’s some information from pool construction and pool renovation companies in Greenwich like Shoreline Pools that will help you learn the differences between concrete and fiberglass pools in order to make the right choice for your needs. Continue reading

Most Popular Shapes for a Backyard Pool

Backyard Spa Design TrendsPeople often say, “Don’t wait for your ship to come in; swim to it.” So what do you do if you don’t have an ocean nearby? You build one! Okay, you might not be able to build an ocean in your Stamford backyard, but you can build a mighty effective likeness. Even if your backyard seems too small or too irregularly shaped for a swimming pool, you may be surprised to learn that some of today’s most popular shapes of residential swimming pools can fit into backyard living areas that come in many different shapes and sizes. And, with new technologies in pool construction, you just might be able to swim to your ship sooner than you think. Continue reading

Olympic-Sized Pool Designs

Olympic Pool DesignEpic! It’s a word you hear a lot these days, especially if you’ve got kids. But can you think of a better use of this adjective than describing your very own Olympic-sized pool?! Imagine it… the vast, seemingly never-ending clarity; the crisp, blue H2O; the weightlessness that goes on for days; and the boundless, ceaseless relaxation possibilities. What could, conceivably, be a more ideal addition to your backyard than a pool the size of an Olympic athlete’s playground? If you’ve come to a place in your life where your hard work and success have afforded you the opportunity to build your own gigantic pool the size of the ones used in the Olympics, you likely have questions that, pardon the bad pun, are making your head swim. Here are some tips on Olympic-sized pool designs from companies like Shoreline Pools that will help keep you from drowning in confusion. Continue reading

Questions to Ask a Pool Contractor

Questions to Ask a Pool ContractorWhen it comes time to start your Pool Renovation and you are looking for a pool contractor, there ARE a few questions you need to ask before you hire them or sign any forms or a contract.  As with any business out there, there are always questions you should ask before hand – not only to keep yourself safe, but to keep an open line of communication open so that nothing surprising will happen during the duration of the build.  Beyond just asking questions, it’s also a good idea to do a one on one interview in person.  This would be the time to do them a one over; ask them your questions, see how they respond, what answers they give you (if any) and then find out more about the individual or company by looking at reviews online.  Here are the TOP questions you should ask a pool contractor. Continue reading

Modern Deck Design

Modern Deck DesignWhen it comes to styles – either indoors or out, there are many different options to choose from, especially these days’ people are coming up with new styles every single day.  In a previous post we did Traditional Deck Design.  In this specific post we will be talking about Modern Deck design – one of my personal favorite styles to be honest.  Traditional tends to deal with lighter colors, everything matches, everything in pairs of 2, not a lot of bright colors, etc. Modern is completely different than Traditional Design when it comes to style, decorating and especially pool design in Greenwich.  When we start talking about modern, we talk about; simplicity – and I don’t mean simple as in boring!  We also start to talk about clutter free, lots of different architectural lines, technological items – you definitely won’t see this in a traditional style, you will also see a lot of stainless steel, warm leather colors like caramel, chocolate and black licorice in a modern style with things like warm wood colors and tones, glass and metal being used. The last thing we talk about when it comes to a modern anything is an open space – rooms or spaces usually aren’t cramped together in a 4 wall room, instead you will see a lot of flow from one area or one room to another without the use of being closed in with 4 walls in the way!  If modern sounds like something you would be interested in, chances are you will love the modern deck designs below.  Be prepared to be wowed! Continue reading

Traditional Deck Designs

Traditional Deck DesignsThe term traditional, whn it comes to any type of design, tends to mean that a home or style of decor is comforting and yet classic in style.  This doesn’t change when talking about pool renovation either.  You are still going to find things like tiles, wood, stone and furnishings that tend to be calm in nature – no you won’t be seeing any bright bold colors in a swimming pool design nor will you see anything that is mismatched.  Instead, you will find a lot of matched pieces, things like bushes, trees, tables or even light posts are going to be seen in pairs rather than odd numbers.  If you want some ideas on traditional deck designs, look no further than the ideas below. Continue reading