Traditional Deck Designs

Traditional Deck DesignsThe term traditional, whn it comes to any type of design, tends to mean that a home or style of decor is comforting and yet classic in style.  This doesn’t change when talking about pool renovation either.  You are still going to find things like tiles, wood, stone and furnishings that tend to be calm in nature – no you won’t be seeing any bright bold colors in a swimming pool design nor will you see anything that is mismatched.  Instead, you will find a lot of matched pieces, things like bushes, trees, tables or even light posts are going to be seen in pairs rather than odd numbers.  If you want some ideas on traditional deck designs, look no further than the ideas below.

Traditional Louisiana

When most people think about old plantations in Louisiana, they think about thick dense greenery surrounding beautiful trees like Willow trees.  You also might think of a classy style inspired by plantation owners in the 18002 and early 1900s – this is the type of vibe you will get from these types of homes and they tend to be very traditional in design and style.  Traditional Louisiana in terms of traditional deck designs shouldn’t be too surprised to see the same designs in terms of traditional.  You are going to see a lot of greenery around a swimming pool – the same dense greenery you would see most anywhere else in the state.  You are also going to see a lot of neutral colors like tans and grays or whites and light peaches.  Picture this:  Coming out of your home on to the back deck you have a patio made out of light tan sandstone, the home is also made of very clean neutral colors.  The pool itself is lined not with marble or stone or anything else too modern.  Instead, it’s laid with a regular pool material and green tile around the lip of the pool to bring in the colors of nature.  Your pool furnishings on the deck will also be light in color, mostly made of wood to again, connect the pool to what is going on outside of the pool walls – nature.  It might seem boring to some folks, but to you, its home.

Connecticut Pool

If you live in Connecticut or someplace like it and you are lucky enough to have a spacious home as well as a spacious yard. You might consider pool renovation in Stamford if you are looking to go the more traditional route.  Picture this:  You have a nice large yard, longer than wider, and you have pristine grass that you worked really hard to keep bugs away from and keep it lush and green.  Why not show that grass off by featuring a main focal point right in the middle of the yard – a beautiful 16’0″ wide by 40’0″ long with a depth of 3’6″ to 6’6″ quartz swimming pool.  Quartz is really different, but it’s also very traditional because again, light colors are traditional in design.  The pool still looks sophisticated, especially with about 4 – 6 feet of grass on all 4 sides, and a 5 foot stone wall – handpicked stones and pebbles, behind the wall are nice lush juniper blue bushes – they are tall enough to help with privacy issues, but they help frame the entire yard into something really beautiful.  So Instead of looking at a boring wood fence, you have the rock wall and the bushes to create that frame.  Add in a few typical lounge chairs to go with your bluish quartz pool and you have the ultimate set up.

Florida Traditional Pool

If you, unlike the Connecticut homeowners above, don’t have a ton of space, but you still want to utilize what you do have by making sure you have a patio, pool, landscape, maybe a foundation or two and a sitting area, this is going to be a good Pool renovation option for your space.  Picture this:  You have a smaller space, but you still want a place to wade around, maybe do a couple of laps in, but you also want something really traditional and beautiful to look at.  The pool is around 18 x 36ft.  Yes, it’s smaller, but you are going to utilize the space around it to make the pool the focal point which will make it look much larger than it is.  Around the back part of the pool you will be adding a sheer descent using a brick wall – preferably one lighter in color such as natural stone in slate gray.  The right side of the pool is going to have about 3-5 foot of viable patio and further over is a bed of wild flowers, maybe a tree or bush or two native to Florida.  The patio itself can be made of anything, but since you are in Florida and you want traditional a good option would be deck pavers Atlas block: Misu “Golden Oak”.  It’s very light in color, but still really beautiful.  The back drop of your pool behind the water descent are more flowers and bushes and further back is a really dark and luxurious wood fence – crosshatched.  Add in a few traditional furnishings such as black steel tables, some chairs around the table using traditional colors like light blues, light grays or tans and a few other places to sit.

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