Modern Deck Design

Modern Deck DesignWhen it comes to styles – either indoors or out, there are many different options to choose from, especially these days’ people are coming up with new styles every single day.  In a previous post we did Traditional Deck Design.  In this specific post we will be talking about Modern Deck design – one of my personal favorite styles to be honest.  Traditional tends to deal with lighter colors, everything matches, everything in pairs of 2, not a lot of bright colors, etc. Modern is completely different than Traditional Design when it comes to style, decorating and especially pool design in Greenwich.  When we start talking about modern, we talk about; simplicity – and I don’t mean simple as in boring!  We also start to talk about clutter free, lots of different architectural lines, technological items – you definitely won’t see this in a traditional style, you will also see a lot of stainless steel, warm leather colors like caramel, chocolate and black licorice in a modern style with things like warm wood colors and tones, glass and metal being used. The last thing we talk about when it comes to a modern anything is an open space – rooms or spaces usually aren’t cramped together in a 4 wall room, instead you will see a lot of flow from one area or one room to another without the use of being closed in with 4 walls in the way!  If modern sounds like something you would be interested in, chances are you will love the modern deck designs below.  Be prepared to be wowed!

Modern Deck Design 1

If you have a nice big beautiful home and a yard to match it, why not create the deck of all decks!  This is a design which utilizes everything we spoke about above in terms of a Modern style; rich warm wood beams, the home itself is painted a darker tan color – almost khaki in color, the patio itself is designed from a concrete patio – which may sound boring, but it’s anything but.  The patio is made from Pebble Fine, Gregio color.  It’s sort of an off white, but it goes really well with all of the other color tones in the yard such as the plush green grass on one end with a wood plank deck made from Ipe Wood (smaller in size), as well as a neat little addition on the foreground of the patio using small little tan and off white pebbles.  It’s really like having 3 surfaces in one; the green grass, the patio and the pebble section, but together, they all bring a focal point to the pool which is obviously one of the most important factors in this yard.  For your home colors on the exterior, you will want to stick with lighter colors such as the patio and pebbles, perhaps a lighter gray, tan or khaki colored paint.  This is essentially as modern as it gets when it comes to Pool Design.

Modern Deck Design 2

Even if you don’t have a huge yard like with the option above, you can still create a beautiful yet classy pool area and deck design to really set the mood and make it feel luxurious, warm and comfortable.  One option is to use a vanishing edge pool for a smaller yard – this does tend to cost a little more than a regular pool, but it will increase the look of the pool by essentially fooling the eyes into thinking the space is larger than it really is.  Plus, vanishing pools are very modern and very attractive to the eye.  You can even make the pool look a little more attractive by using modern technologies such as a Pebble Tec interior with LED lights (blue) in the pool itself.  This makes the pool have an almost ocean look at night when the lights shine against the interior of the pool and bounce off of the light.  For your patio, as with most modern styles, you would be using a brown, tan or off white color.  In this case, a good option would be sandstone.  Sandstone, when it’s textured, tends to not be slippery at all.  But, if you really feel the need to add a sealant to make sure it’s not slippery, you can do so.  Add in a few lights (white) around the outside of the patio for extra light, a few leather brown lounge chairs, a chocolate brown umbrella and some extra lighting such as candles or a portable firepot made in stainless steel.

Modern Deck Design 3

For our last Pool Design we will be including people that want to change the design of the patio and pool, but tend to live in homes that are not brand new.  Instead, they may live in older homes where they want to keep the same look, but change it up to be less 1930s modern and more 2015 modern.  That means keeping the same lines of the patio and pool area, but adding in newer lines to accentuate the pool in a different light.  IT also may mean upgrading things like a wooden deck that might be old and weathered into a more modern wood deck.  In this specific design concept you will be doing a sandstone frame for the pool – this goes out about 3-5 feet from the edge of the pool, but obviously if you have less room make the frame smaller, if you have more room, make the space larger.  On the outside of the sandstone frame you will create a 3 sided pebble surface.  The 4th side of the frame will be where your grassy area is – you can leave this area “blank” or you can place furnishings here, that’s up to you and the space you have available.  On the 3 sides where the pebbles are, you will be placing more of your sandstone, but instead of slabs like you did for the frame, you will be using smaller squares – stepping stones if you will, on top of the pebbles.  This is also going to be the side where your steps are to go up to the patio.  The patio itself should use warm wood tones like cedar stone, tiger wood, maple, etc.

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