Questions to Ask a Pool Contractor

Questions to Ask a Pool ContractorWhen it comes time to start your Pool Renovation and you are looking for a pool contractor, there ARE a few questions you need to ask before you hire them or sign any forms or a contract.  As with any business out there, there are always questions you should ask before hand – not only to keep yourself safe, but to keep an open line of communication open so that nothing surprising will happen during the duration of the build.  Beyond just asking questions, it’s also a good idea to do a one on one interview in person.  This would be the time to do them a one over; ask them your questions, see how they respond, what answers they give you (if any) and then find out more about the individual or company by looking at reviews online.  Here are the TOP questions you should ask a pool contractor.

Place of Business

While not everyone that has a showroom is automatically a crook, it’s still a good idea if they do have a showroom or a place of business so that you can see what products they offer and see if they offer any demos.  Sometimes there are people called One Poler’s, these are people that have fly by night operations.  They own a truck, some tools, some parts and that’s about it.  They usually don’t have a brick and mortar store or a showroom because they don’t need to.  They take your money and they run.  Even if a company is just starting out they should still have a lease with a building for their business – this is definitely something to look out for and something to ask about when it comes to a pool contractor.

Workman’s Comp and General Liabilities Insurance

When it comes to a project like a Pool Renovation in Greenwich CT, chances are it’s not just going to be a one person job.  Instead, your contractor may have sub-contractors or helpers helping with the project.  If one of these people gets hurt on your property and the company does NOT have general liabilities insurance, ultimately you might be paying the bill for them to go to the hospital, doctors, pay for their medication, etc.  Make sure that you ask about this and make sure that the company does indeed have some sort of a Liabilities Insurance program and that they offer workman’s comp to their workers.

References and Reviews

When asking a pool contractor for references he or she should give you a list of names – names which you can choose from freely.  Obviously the longer the list the more jobs they have done and the better results they have had on these projects obviously.  If a list is smaller it might either be because they are just starting out and don’t have a lot of projects or it might be because they have negative reviews from these people.  Because of this it’s a good idea to select at least 10 names from the list freely and contact each person.  If possible, see if you can either see the work that was done at their home or get photos from them so that you can see what the finished product really looks like.  Also, ask them any questions you have about the contractor; was the job done correctly the first time, did they run into any foundation or pipe issues, were they on time, etc.  Also, review; you can find many review sites online like Yelp and Angie’s List that will allow you to search for that company and see what reviews people left for them.  It’s a good idea to go over ALL the reviews; negative a positive.

Find Experienced Contractors

If you are having a regular old pool installed, it might not take too much expertise.  On the other hand if you are getting something like deck jets, vanishing edge or weeping walls – this does take extra knowledge and experience and you will want to find someone with experience that has done these things before.  Make sure that beyond just the reviews above, you also ask for client’s names and phone numbers that got the same thing or about the same thing as you want.  For example, if you want a vanishing edge pool, ask the contractor for references who also have gotten vanishing edges.  Contact these people and ask them if the vanishing edge looks good, if it’s still in working condition, if it’s symmetrical, etc.

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