Most Popular Shapes for a Backyard Pool

Backyard Spa Design TrendsPeople often say, “Don’t wait for your ship to come in; swim to it.” So what do you do if you don’t have an ocean nearby? You build one! Okay, you might not be able to build an ocean in your Stamford backyard, but you can build a mighty effective likeness. Even if your backyard seems too small or too irregularly shaped for a swimming pool, you may be surprised to learn that some of today’s most popular shapes of residential swimming pools can fit into backyard living areas that come in many different shapes and sizes. And, with new technologies in pool construction, you just might be able to swim to your ship sooner than you think.

Circular pools

Circular Backyard poolsCircular or oval pools are among the favorite shapes of backyard pools, especially in suburban areas. Their softer, rounded edges make for attractive additions to backyard landscapes, flowing with surrounding trees, flowers, and shrubbery. They don’t always lend themselves to a division or progression of shallow to deep water, but they can be built in a tapered pool construction to offer depth differences.

Rectangular pools

Rectangular pools are also extremely popular, and sometimes they’re easier and quicker to install as well. One of the main reasons a rectangular pool may be chosen over a circular shaped pool is to differentiate water depth. Rectangular pools are easily built to progress from shallow to deep end, making them a favorite especially for the addition of water slides. However, with many of today’s fabulous pool water slide constructions, many people are adding them to circular or oval pools as well.

Rectangular pools


If you’re a homeowner whose backyard isn’t as large as you think it needs to be to accommodate a pool, you might want to think again, and this time, think ‘spa pool.’ Spa pools, sometimes referred to as endless pools, are great for smaller, more intimate backyard living spaces because they are built to swim in one direction, meaning it’s no longer necessary to swim a lap from one end of the pool to another. A spa pool’s special propelling system shoots water currents out, pushing the pool’s water toward the back of the pool first, and then funneling the water again toward the front of the pool. Spa pools have become one of the most popular shapes in recent years not only because they can be built in smaller yards, but also because they can be installed indoors in certain areas of the home.

Infinity pools

The name says it… infinity. These pools are one of the latest designs in pool construction, and they’re fast becoming one of the industry’s most popular shapes. Also called ‘negative edge,’ infinity pools have a rectangular shape, but the really cool and amazing thing about them is that one side of the pool is eliminated. Sound impossible? It’s isn’t, because that negative edge makes the water appear to fall over the edge of the pool like a waterfall. Infinity pools are a high-end design that typically makes them more expensive to construct than most other pool shapes, but their striking beauty and stunning waterfall effect makes them well worth the price.

Grotto pools

Talk about a stunning waterfall effect! Also a high-end design, grotto pools are one of the newest designs in pool construction available. If you’ve ever vacationed in a natural grotto, you have an idea of what a grotto pool looks like. If you’ve never vacationed near one, you’ve likely seen a grotto in a movie, depicting kids frolicking in or near the water of a cave. A grotto is a natural (or artificial) cave that has a body of water with it, and its organic beauty is making the grotto pool one of the most popular high-end pool designs around, especially since they are made to blend harmoniously with landscapes.

Today’s many styles and shapes of backyard pools are making those ugly monstrosities our grandparents owned a thing of the past. From the breathtaking and natural beauty of grotto pools and infinity pools, to the myriad styles available in rectangular and circular pools, to the affordability and convenience of spa pools, today’s pool constructions companies like Shoreline Pools are brimming with design ideas, imagination, and possibilities.


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