Concrete Pools vs. Fiberglass Pools

Concrete Backyard pools“With this bonus check, I’m putting in a swimming pool!” Clark Griswold was his family’s hero when he excitedly made this announcement during Christmas vacation. Why? Because everybody loves a swimming pool! If you’ve been dreaming of being your family’s hero by putting a swimming pool in your backyard, you likely have tons of questions about pools. You’ve heard of concrete pools, and you’ve heard of fiberglass pools, but which type is best? Is there that much of a difference between the two? What are the pros of each? What are the cons? Which will cost more to maintain? Which one will take more of your time to keep clean and working in proper order? Here’s some information from pool construction and pool renovation companies in Greenwich like Shoreline Pools that will help you learn the differences between concrete and fiberglass pools in order to make the right choice for your needs.

Fiberglass Pools


Fiberglass Backyard poolsLow maintenance:  Fiberglass pool shells have a nonporous, gel-coated surface. This means they require less maintenance because algae growth is inhibited, reducing the amount of chemicals necessary to keep the pool maintained properly.

Smooth surface:  The gel coating of a fiberglass pool is not rough, making it smooth and comfortable to the touch.

Seating and stair features:  Fiberglass pools have varied seating and stair designs to choose from.

Lower installation time:  Fiberglass pool shells are built in factories that contain controlled climates for optimal manufacturing standards. Additionally, their installation periods are quick, enabling homeowners to optimize swimming time.

Minimal operation costs: Fiberglass pools have very little lifetime costs not only because of their low maintenance, but also because they require no vinyl liner to replace and no resurfacing is necessary.


Limited design possibilities:  Fiberglass pools are limited in their shape and design possibilities because they are manufactured from a mold.

Size restrictions:  Fiberglass pools don’t come in the wide array of widths some other pool constructions do, as there are restrictions involved in shipping them.

Repair restrictions:  If repairs are necessary on a fiberglass pool, repairs may not match in color with previous constructions, as varied manufacturers can mean varied color usage.

Higher initial costs:  Fiberglass pools may cost more to purchase and install initially than some other types of pools.

Concrete Pools


No size/shape restrictions:  Because these pools are made from concrete, the size, depth, and shape chosen by a homeowner often is limited only by his or her imagination.

Greater design possibilities:  In today’s pool construction and pool renovation markets, concrete pools are hugely popular because of the myriad design possibilities available such as beach entry, vanishing edge (often called ‘infinity’), again, often only limited by a homeowner’s creativity.

Beauty:  Because of their limitless design possibilities, the beauty and artistry of concrete pools is also unlimited, making blending them with surrounding landscape a huge advantage.


High operational costs:  Concrete pools typically need some renovation at least every 7 years, often in the form of resurfacing and/or retiling. Additionally, concrete pools require more maintenance than other pools such as fiberglass because they are porous, which does not prohibit algae growth. Therefore, their maintenance costs are higher in order to counter algae growth.

Greater installation time:  Concrete pools take much longer to install, typically up to 10 days before chemicals can be introduced.

Higher energy usage:  The energy necessary to operate a concrete pool generally is higher than other pools because it takes longer to clear the water due to dissolving process of plaster.

Rough surface:  A concrete pool has a rougher interior surface than a fiberglass pool that can be tough on feet.

“Clark, you’re the last true family man.” This was his colleague’s response to Griswold’s declaration of adding a pool to his backyard. But he wasn’t the last true family man, was he? Greenwich is flush with family men and women who dream of adding a beautiful oasis to their backyard living spaces that will keep their families active, happy, and contented for years to come. If you’re among them, this year is the ideal time to do it. Contact a pool construction company in your area for more information about concrete, fiberglass, and all the other types of pools available on the market today.


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