Spa Design Trends

Spa DesignThe many new, innovative, and revamped design trends for the upcoming pool and spa season are loaded with possibilities like you’ve never seen before. And, one of the biggest and hottest trends of the year is the sizzling hot resurgence of spas and hot tubs. The sales of these babies have shot up big-time in recent years, more than quadrupling in the past half decade. But don’t be fooled when somebody says the words ‘hot tub’ or ‘spa’ to you, ’cause these beauties are nothing like they were back in the early days of fiberglass hot tubs… you know, like the ones you see in bad movies from the 1970s. Today, hot tubs and spas have evolved, and the inspiration for the myriad designs are nearly as vast and limitless as the water that flows serenely through them. Here’s information from top pool construction and pool renovation companies about the hottest trends in spa and hot tubs designs for the upcoming season that will have you longing to dip into a spa of your very own.

Cascading contentment

Backyard Spa Design TrendsRaging waterfalls are just that… all the rage this year. One of the most popular trends of recent years is the incorporation of the waterfall into backyard swimming areas. Notice the use of the term ‘area’ rather than ‘backyard.’ That’s because the term ‘backyard swimming pool’ is so limited these days, and that fact is due in large part to the integration of spas into swimming pools. In fact, the term ‘arena’ is probably more fitting, especially when it comes to the use of waterfalls in residential pool construction. And, when you add multi-level construction into your pool renovation, you’ve got a backyard swimming arena that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Fitness fun

Spa pools only came onto the scene just recently, but their popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. As the fitness craze started to take off around the 1980s, so too did swimming as one of the most effective means of getting and achieving health, tone, and strength. Unfortunately, if you didn’t have an ocean-front condo or an accommodating backyard, a daily swim was often out of the question. Thankfully, the swimming and pool construction industry’s answer to that question was a resounding, “Spa pool!” And this year these magnificent pools are topping the list of hottest spa trends for the upcoming spa season. Also referred to as ‘endless pools’ or ‘swim-in-place pools,’ spa pools are not only popular because they afford their owners the ability to swim laps any time of the day or night, but also because they give them that option in much smaller quarters, opening up the possibility of owning a pool and spa to literally millions more people than ever before.

Slight-of-hand serenity

Open sesame! It’s the disappearing-reappearing spa! At the touch of a button, one of the year’s hottest trends in spa designs magically materializes from underneath the water, providing access to your spa from your deck. This amazing technology allows swimmers to enter the spa directly from your pool. Then… oh-ho-ho, it’s magic! At the touch of another button, the spa and bridge disappear, lowering once again below the level of the H2O.

Visionary vacay

Create a vacation resort right in your own backyard with a lagoon-style spa that’s built right into a pool. From grotto pools that reminisce of exciting drops and natural caves, to ocean-like designs that make you feel like you’ve got very own coastal retreat, today’s custom-designed spas are nothing like the boring stuff of yesterday. Add in a custom-built waterslide that curves perfectly around your backyard living space, and you’ve got your own resort that has the power to simultaneously transport you, while keeping you right in your own backyard.

Today’s spa and hot tub designs are not just about fun and relaxation. They’re about transporting you to a world where fun and relaxation are the only possibilities. If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own backyard spa, now is the ideal time to do it. Today’s limitless spa and hot tub designs are about as immense and unending as the ocean itself. For more information and design ideas, contact a pool construction or pool renovation company in your area to schedule a consultation.



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