Water Slides and Other Pool Add-Ons

Backyard pool WaterslideFirst, you dreamed of owning your very own, glistening backyard swimming pool. And then you got it. You and your family enjoyed it for awhile, but pretty soon, your kids stopped inviting their friends over, and you just stopped swimming in it altogether. Something wasn’t quite right. Sure, your kids may still take a dip every now and then, but lately you’ve been saying to yourself, “Hmm, something’s missing. What could it be?” The answer? Add-ons! Seriously, without an entertaining water slide, a relaxing fountain, or a cool pool-side bar and grille, your pool can sometimes seem like a gargantuan hole in your backyard that you pumped about a thousand dollars worth of water into. So now that you know what’s lacking, what do you do about it? Simple… you create a backyard living space that includes all the add-ons your pool’s been missing all these years… with all that extra stuff that’ll turn your pool from a ho-hum hole in your yard to a rousing resort that feels like your very own vacation spot right outside your door!

Water slide

Water slides aren’t anything like they used to be. Yesterday’s long, clunky pool-side slides that had one unattractive design have been replaced with modern sleekness that can be designed to blend artistically with your yard’s landscape and flow seamless into your pool. And the materials used in today’s water slides are a big part of their design possibilities. From smooth, granite-like finishes in natural, harmonizing tones, to fiberglass beauties that offer maintenance-free endurance, the swimming pool industry has sure stepped up to the plate with more attractive water slides than ever before.

Pool-side bar and grille

Backyard pool FountainWho in the world has heard of having a swimming pool these days without having a cookout? Nobody! Can you imagine owning a pool without inviting friends and extended family over and having holiday festivities into the night? Of course, you can’t have the festivity without the feast, now can you? If you haven’t incorporated a pool-side bar and grille into your backyard living space, what are you waiting for?! Fireplaces, fire pits, and grilles that will accommodate all the dogs and burgers you and your guests can eat… these are the must-have add-ons for every backyard swimming arena. Top it off with a lighted bar, and you’ve got an inviting entertainment arena that will keep your guests swimming, partying, and dancing the night away!

Falls and fountains

If your pool doesn’t have a waterfall or a fountain, you’re missing out on one of its most treasured and artistic capabilities. One of the most amazing things water does is flow. Whether it’s flowing from a smaller body of water into a boundless ocean, or from your backyard pool into a relaxing waterfall that delights your senses, water that moves is at the height of its calmness and beauty. And, with the many materials used in today’s fountains and waterfalls, H2O’s limits are reached only by the flow of your own creative juices.


Spas and hot tubs are back in vogue like never before. So why are they making such a red-hot comeback? Simple. It’s because the technology involved in the designs of these amazing pool add-ons has ramped up like you never imagined it could. From endless spa pools that can fit into just about any space, to vanishing spas that appear and disappear before your eyes, to grotto pool spas that transport you to an island vacation spot, spa and hot tub add-ons can be the difference between a boring pool today that you and your family have tired of, to a thrilling retreat that opens up a whole new world just steps away from your own back door.

A backyard swimming pool has the power to wear a thousand and one hats. First thing in the morning, its first job should to be put on its health and fitness hat, as you swim your way to a lean, toned, healthy body. As the day wears on, its hat should switch to an afterschool extracurricular activity that keeps your kids and their friends contented and close to home. As the evening sets in, your swimming pool should trade in its day hat to a night-time oasis cap that has the power to simultaneously relax and entertain. Of course, without the right add-ons, your pool’s potential is languishing pool-side. For more information on the limitless add-on possibilities available in modern pool design, contact a pool construction company in Stamford today.



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