Pet Friendly Backyard Design

Pet Friendly Backyard DesignIf you have dogs, you probably have dreams of them frolicking around the backyard, with plenty of water, fun toys, and seeing that smile on their face that shows how excited they are to be outside.  Dogs are, after all, outdoor creatures.  But, it’s not like you can just let them out and hope for the best – well you can, but I doubt he or she will have much fun!  If you want to really make a special place for you and your dog to play and have fun, you have to create a pet friendly backyard and in order to do this, you need to read the blog below for some amazing ideas that Fido is just going to love!

Safety First

We want out pets too have fun, but also be safe.  So make sure that you first make a boundary for your dog – this can be done using a fence or a gate, and it can be a partial area or the entire area of your yard.  Also, if you plan on adding any water features such as a pond, pool, or waterfall, make sure if your dog falls or jumps in, that they can get out easily.  Dogs love to swim and most of them know how to do it instinctively, but if you get stuck, you get stuck, and it could mean an unsafe situation.  Better to be safe than to be sorry, as I always say!

Shade and Shelter

One of the most popular home remodeling questions about dog shade and shelter, is how to provide it, without also providing an eyesore for the yard.  If you haven’t looked at dog houses and structures in a while, you might be surprised to see that they have changed quite immensely.  It used to be that dog houses were made out of plastic or wood – and they were hideous, but nowadays you can find some really beautiful designs that go with your style and the personality of the dog, rather than an eye sore!  Providing dog shade is an important aspect if you plan on letting your dog outside.  Heat and the sun can cause sunburn as well as sunstroke on your pet – cats and dogs.  But, the great thing about dogs is they know when it’s time to take a break and find some shade, so as long as you provide it, they will use it.

Toxic Free Landscape

Cats and dogs are both equally allergic to a lot of herbs, plants and flowers, so make sure that when you are designing your backyard that you don’t even bother with any of these poisonous items.  Even if you think your cat or dog can’t get to them – you would be surprised at how easy it for them to get to them, dogs with their digging and cats with their jumping, it’s just a better idea to keep it away completely.  make sure you check some sites online to see what items they are allergic to, obviously for dogs chocolate is deadly for them, but I doubt you will have a chocolate tree in your yard (and if you do, I want to come over!), but there are other things like African Violet and American Holly that are.  Take a look on Google for Plants that Dogs should stay away from.  The ASPCA has a superb list where they tell you every single plant, bush, tree, leave, flower, etc. that dogs and cats should stay away from.

Add Some Water

If you already have a pool, or not, and you want a place that is just for your dog, consider adding in some water features.  These can be larger things like pools of water, ponds and splash pools or smaller things like spigots to the side of a wall with a decorative accent.  These are not only beneficial to your dog and allow them to get water whenever they want, but it’s also a design option that will look good in your yard as well.  These spigots can be forever free flowing i.e.; the water slowly keeps coming out and ends up in a bucket beneath it or they can be turned on by you.  If you have a really smart dog you can also install a pedal and a bucket so that he or she can step on the pedal, water comes out, lands in the bowl below and they can drink it freely.


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