Design Trends for a Small Backyard

Trends for a Small BackyardSome people think that if they have a small backyard, it automatically means that their yard has to be cheesy, chintzy or that they can’t design it at all.  But, that’s just not the case.  One of the things you want to look for are articles just like this one to help give your ideas and instill some creativity inside of you to help you when it comes to designing your small backyard – it doesn’t matter if you have a single family home, duplex, or even shared housing, the ideas below are great ones to use if you have a smaller area to work with.  The number one key to remember when it comes to a small space, is to not over crowd it with items, this just makes it appear even smaller, and it gets hard to move around in. Below you will see a number of tips that are circled around home remodeling trends and designs.

Create Levels in Your Yard

If you want a space to look cozy and warm without looking small and closed in, you can do so by creating layers in your space.  You can do this in various ways such as creating different levels of rooms using steps, different levels of the deck by using steps, or by simply using taller or shorter planters – the last one is the easiest and most budget worthy way.  Planters, pots and beds can be found at any home improvement store where they have a garden center.  Just buy different heights and place them around the yard or deck to create a more leveled space.

Laying Stones Diagonally

If you have a yard that looks closed in, unorganized or uninviting, you can easily create an area in your space that looks bigger and more organized than before.  To do this, you can use paving stones, by laying them down diagonally via the space to make the space look larger than it really is.  It’s almost like how fashion designers say vertical stripe shave a slimming effect, in this case diagonal “stripes” in terms of paving stones will make the yard look and feel bigger.  One idea is to use the paving stones as a foundation for an outdoor eating table set and chairs – just make sure you make the perimeter of the paving stones larger than the table itself.  Speaking of outdoor eating tables…

Make a Dining Space Outdoors

If you really have a small yard, and it’s too tiny to do any of the above mentioned ideas, you might just consider making an outdoor dining space.  It’s going to be cozy and inviting since it’s a smaller space so the atmosphere is perfect.  Instead of just placing a table outside and hoping for the best you might want to try adding something like an arbor.  Arbors are very popular when it comes to home remodeling trends.  Essentially Shade Arbors as they are usually called are wood structures with slat roofs.  You can add planters to the sides of the arbor, add climbing vines and ivy to the top of it, etc.  It just creates a really beautiful space – no matter how small the space is!  Then, you could add in the paving stones as mentioned previously, add a nice table, maybe something like wood or stone to mingle with the outdoors.

Playing With Angles

When you talk to most landscape architects, they will tell you that if you have a smaller yard, that you should consider using paving.  Not only paving, but in a lateral direction to your property line.  This helps create the visual effect of more space, but it also provides more hardscape for the area in question.  By simply shifting the paving stones or slabs to a 45 degree angle you can add quite a bit of space to your yard or patio.  Its a little design trick that most people don’t think of.  One way to go about this is by measuring the size of the stones versus your space and then do it at an angle and see if it changes the amount of space – you can also try different degrees.


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