What is Modern Exterior Design?

Modern Exterior DesignWhen people think of designing or decorating a home – inside or out, they usually tend to ask themselves what types of styles they prefer.  Personally for me, I love modern styles.  But, for someone else they may like country Chic, French Country, Traditional, Art Deco, etc.  There are literally over a dozen different classified styles so you have plenty to choose from.  But, if like me, you love modern, you might think that placing modern touches inside the home is the only way to design.  But, that’s not true.  In fact, many of the things you see on the exterior part of a home can be classified as modern.  When most people think of modern styles they think of glass, natural stone, natural wood, clean lines, lots of space, etc.  These “items” are all good for outdoor space or indoor space.  But, when it comes to the exterior of your home, you might need a few specific ideas (beyond just words).  Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place.  If you want to know what modern exterior design is, just continue to read below for some cool ideas where I’ll be looking at homes and giving you a few exterior details and descriptions on modern homes.

Home #1

If you have a home that lies near a sloping hill, you might automatically think that creating a home design that has modern effects to it is going to be difficult.  But, actually the slope itself is in part, the design.  You can create a wall that can be placed against the hillside – this is going to be your main foundation, but since it is a hill, you are really going to want to make sure that it’s secure enough, especially if you live in a rainy area where the rainy season is a part of your everyday life.  The house will be made of stone, glass, wood and stucco – seems sort of like an odd combination, but it works really well.  Remember that since you are doing a modern exterior, you will also want to keep the colors modern.  Stick with grays, whites, blacks, browns, tans, etc.  This home has 2 levels, the first level is completely enclosed.  The second level up top has one area that is enclosed for a bathroom and bedroom as well as a little nook to read in that overlooks a lake.  The other section is a patio with deck that includes a very secure glass railing.  The front of the house is unlike any other you have ever seen – it also includes a front patio made completely from wood, with a built in lap size swimming pool.  The front part of the home, since it’s in a location where you are looking out on the water, is completely made of glass and a metal frame with big beautiful open windows.

Home #2

This is very similar to the one above, in that the bottom floor is used for the main living area – a dining room, living room, kitchen, powder room and library are all on the first floor of the home.  Upon walking up the steps to an enclosed section of the house, with only a few windows available, is where another bedroom, office and bathroom are.  The upstairs part of this home is smaller, but that’s mainly because this is considered guest quarters.  The second room could have been made into either another bedroom or an office – the owners chose an office.  Of course you could use this room for anything, you could even remodel it into a kitchen so your guest can have their own kitchen, bathroom and bedroom upstairs, where the owner uses the master bedroom and master bedroom downstairs.  Outside of the top level is a sliding glass door that exits out to a very spacious outdoor patio area.  This area can also be accessed via steps on the other side of the home (securely).  One of the biggest exterior modeling questions about modern homes, is do they always have to have a patio or deck area.  Honestly, this is up to you, but when we think of modern homes, we think of tans and browns as well as natural stone and wood and where is it that we see tans and browns and natural stone and wood?  Outdoors.  So it sort of fits to have an outdoor area in a modern home!

Home #3

If you have a plot of land and don’t have a house built on it yet, but it has a lot of greenery like green grass, trees and bushes, you might consider this next home the “dream home” of all dream homes!  This is a very “boxy” house in that it really has a lot of clean lines and not a lot of unnatural angles.  The entire house is made up of natural stone and wood – perfect for that big yard that you have with the lush green grass and tall trees.  The bottom part of this home has the main living area in one section with the living room which you see almost as soon as you enter the home.  Off to the left hand side there is a door leading to a quaint office, with built in wooden bookcases and shelves.  To the right is a hallway, which leads to the kitchen, bathroom (powder room) and exercise room.  Then at the very front of the house there is a space (connected) that protrudes further out than the main living area, this is where the owners have decided to create an indoor pool area.  Again, the entire house – exterior and interior, is mostly made from wood, the stone is a natural off-white stone, and the swimming pool is a main focal point of the house.  Upstairs, directly above the pool is a beautiful and very spacious outdoor deck (not enclosed) with glass plates and metal guard rails.  On the other side of the home (above the office) is the master bedroom and bathroom suite.


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