What is Modern Interior Design?

Modern Interior Design


Knowing if you like modern decor is really easy.  Just ask yourself these questions:  Do you like clean lines with free space?  Do you enjoy seeing neutral colors alongside primary colors?  How about using things like wood, stainless steel and natural stone in your home?  If you like a clean, simple and calming interior, then modern interior design is the style for you.  If you want to know more about modern home remodeling trends or how to define the term modern in the decorating world, just continue below and read all about it.

How Would You Define A Modern Style?

Unlike some of the other styles, modern is all about a non-cluttered space.  It focuses on function and organization, not a lot of chintzy knick knacks, and not a whole lot of accessories in the space, but what you do add to the space will help create a fresh look in any home – and it will create a sense of peace and thoughtfulness.  It might also be important to know that minimalistic style and modern are very different and definitely not in the same category!  Modern design tends to use more simple edges and curves, whereas minimalistic style tends to use, well, minimal shapes!  Modern style is all about embracing and using materials like chrome, concrete, natural stone, glass, etc. and modern homes tend to use more technological items than traditional homes do.

Modern Furniture

When you think about modern furniture, you should envision sleek and smooth services.  Think chocolate brown leather sofas, off-white rugs, and a natural wood coffee table with glass.  Pieces in a modern home should be simplistic, yet serve a sense of purpose for the home i.e.; they should look good, but also be functional as well.  Also, in a lot of modern homes instead of finding things like knick knacks, you will find things like art pieces that are carefully chosen for their aesthetic appeal, colors, or the way it appeals to the room – these art pieces can also be used as focal points in specific rooms.

Modern Colors

When it comes to modern colors, not only do you want to look at home remodeling trends, but you also want to consider what colors the term “modern” is built upon.  You should think of colors such as browns, blacks, neutrals, grays and whites matched with accented primary colors.  This keeps true to the definition of modern by using the first line of colors, but then it also adds color, vibrancy and brightness to a room by adding in colors such as blues, greens and reds as well.  That way it’s not just one big space of dull colors.  Not only will colors enhance the space you have, but by using brighter and bolder colors, you will also help emphasize the clean lines of the room and the different pieces you have in the room.

Famous People That Live In Modern Homes

Not that this is really important, but if you’ve seen any magazines lately of celebrities homes, this will give you a better ideas as to what to look for when it comes to modern interiors.  People that have modern styles in their homes include Demi Moore, Ellen DeGeneres, and Chris Martin.

Who Else Uses Modern Styles?

Some people might think that certain people, specifically certain ages use certain styles.  For example, someone might think that someone who grew up in the 20s and is 70, might enjoy a more traditional style.  Or that someone who is in their 20s might automatically enjoy an art-deco style – but this just isn’t true.  Different people like different things and sometimes they are things you might not expect from them!  Maybe the 70 year old likes the Art Deco and the 20 year old likes the traditional style!  As for the “type” of person that like modern, this type of person tends to be busy with life; adventures across the world, grandkids or work, and it’s a good style for them because it keeps clutter to a very bare minimum, its insanely easy to keep organized, and it’s very easy to upkeep and keep clean.  If you have kids, for instance, modern might not be the best choice for you, since modern deals with a lot of hard edges, glass and doesn’t deal well with clutter – something that kids are not synonymous with.


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