What is Traditional Exterior Design?

Traditional Exterior Design
When it comes to exterior remodeling trends, traditional design is one of the most popular options to choose from.  But, when most people think of traditional design, they think of a style that is boring and plain.  This is not the truth though.  If you want to create an exterior design using traditional style, use the guide below to help you out.  One of the most important things to remember when it comes to traditional style is that curb appeal is of the utmost importance.  Curb appeal means that the home should have clean exteriors, with well-kept landscaping and it needs to be maintained.  The outside of a home in any style is one that leaves a lasting impression since it’s the first impression people will get from the outside of the home.  This is also important to note if you plan on selling your home and that’s why you are looking into traditional exterior remodeling trends.

Traditional Grand Entry

When you have a contemporary or modern style home, the entry tends to not be as recognizable or grand in terms of a big statement.  But, with traditional styles, the opposite is true.  You want to have a big statement when people see your home from the street or the driveway.  Make sure that you start with the door.  Larger doors in bolder colors are by definition, very traditional.  Try for colors such as green, black or red.  Pillars also tend to be the common denominator when it comes to traditional style, with roof like coverings over the doorway.

Manicured Lawns and Landscapes

As mentioned earlier, when dealing with a home and its landscaping, you will want to keep everything in its place and will want to make it so that the exterior of the house adds a sense of appeal.  In a traditional landscape design, things like shrubs and bushes will have a very uniform form – all the same height.  You can also add in flowers, but all the flowers would have the same height as well.  In a traditional design you also might have one tree in the front yard, but that’s it, no more than one tree, and you will want to stay away from ornamental or decorative grasses.  Flowers are usually designed to line the perimeters of walkways and driveways, but will most likely be kept away from the doors of the home.

Window Coverings

A traditional home should have traditional window coverings on the exterior – shutters.  Shutters are very traditional, just look at any plantation style home, they always have shutters on the outside of the home.  While most of the house on the outside will be the same colors, the shutters CAN be painted a different color.  Consider something that in contrast matches the door, but also still matches the rest of the home.  Some examples for shutters versus trim; black shutters with white trim, white shutters with dark trim, red shutters with a gray and white home or green shutters with a tan trim.

Traditional Colors

If you are considering a traditional exterior remodeling project, the colors are very important.  White is the most popular color chosen when it comes to porches, trim and the main part of the home, but you can also choose from a variety of other “traditional” colors as well, if white is too plain for you.  Some colors to consider are; light yellow, creamy yellow, light blue, gray, tan or khaki, bold and bright yellow.  The most “out of the norm” you will get is going to be the blue, even though it’s considered traditional.  Most porches will be white or creamy white and there is no real variation in that.  If you have pillars, those should be the same color as the porch.  Porches and pillars were once considered defined spaces, so painting them a different color than the house was a great way to set it apart from the other houses on the block.

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