How to Expand Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space

Way back in the winter and spring you could hardly wait for how warm and amazing the summer was going to be. During the summer, your outdoor living space can see lots of use – chances are you are going to want to enjoy the fresh air, the sun, and the smell of freshly cut grass.  However most people that have yards just have grass, and some chairs to sit on, but if you want to create the backyard of your dreams, you want to try to expand your outdoor living space to make it really cozy, serene and comfortable.  In order to do that you need ideas on how to go about that, thankfully if you continue reading below you will see some great ideas to hopefully inspire you.

Adding Custom Decks

Adding custom decks is a great way to expand your outdoor living space.  Not only that, but it can add extra value to your property in case you ever want to sell your home.  It’s also a great place as an “add on” so that when you have people come over, they have a place to relax.  When you think about your indoor space, what room seems to always gather the most people?  The kitchen of course!  Because of this, most people choose to add on a kitchen either smaller or larger in size to their deck area.  It’s a great place to unwind and have a beer while sitting outside, but you can also make dinners outdoors as well and create another space for sitting and dining too.  Custom decks come in various shapes, sizes and types of materials.  Personally, I love a deck that is closer to the house, and not down so far to the ground, then you don’t have to worry about little creepy crawlies.  But, even if you choose to have an above ground deck, you can choose one that has different levels, spaces, etc.  Wood or composite wood are the most popular materials, but you could also add in paving stones and natural stone materials to give it a modern or rustic look.  The benefits of a custom deck outweigh the costs.  They are less expensive than adding on a room addition, they are a great place to entertain guests and have get-togethers, it’s a quick way to connect with the outdoors and nature and it’s a great option no matter what size your yard is.

Add Custom Patios

Patios are almost always down on the ground.  Like a custom deck, they are also a great way to add extra outdoor living space.  Custom patios can be made from all sorts of materials such as brick and wood mixed or my personal favorite, natural stone.  If you want you can even just pour some concrete down into a frame, let it dry and go with that option.  Concrete though, while easy to install, can also be very bland and plain which is why I love natural stones, especially mixed stones because they all have different colors, sizes, shapes and textures.  You can also get really clever and create designs along your patio.  Such as doing an outline of travertine, and then doing mixed stones in the inside.  If you want to add slip free stones or materials, your best bet is travertine, but you can also find other options as well such as sandstone or bluestone – these are commonly used in swimming pool areas because they are great to be used against slipping on the deck when getting out of the swimming pool or Jacuzzi.

Add a Rooftop Yard

These are fast becoming a popular way to add a yard, but they utilize the space you already have.  If you have a rooftop that can withstand the weight, is big enough, and is a flat surface, you can use fake grass – it’s sort of like that green plastic-y stuff, but much higher quality and is much softer than the plastic stuff.  You can roll this down on your rooftop, add an entrance way to get up to the roof such as a spiral staircase in the house, or steps on the outside of the home to get up to the roof.  Add in a few safety items such as slate glass panels and stainless steel frames and you have a whole other entertainment space that was originally being wasted!

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