Exterior House Painting Trends

Exterior House PaintingIf you tend to spend a lot of time outside, you probably know that through the winter months, our homes can get dated, dirty, and old looking.  Paint gets chipped away after snow, sleet, rain and ice.  Before you know it your house begins to look older and shabbier than it ever was before.  If you DO want to spend a lot of time outdoors, the last thing you want is to have to look at an eye sore, or worse, have your family, friends and neighbors look at an eye sore too.  You might want to consider repainting or doing touchups.  But, perhaps it’s time for a new color or style and perhaps this is the best time to go about it.  When it comes to exterior house painting trends, there are all sorts of colors, hues and tones to choose from; not just one, so you have the choice to choose a paint color that you really love.  Below, are a few colors for this year, as well as the next.

Classic Color Combinations

There is nothing quite like classic color combinations; they are familiar, but also very safe.  You won’t see a lot of bold colors in this palette, but hey, maybe that’s what you’re looking for.  When it comes to classic color combinations you still have a few options to choose from such as Harmonious Cool Natural Colors this includes a lot of gray blues, grays, and whites and if you want to go a little out of the norm yellows and reds matched with grays and whites.  You also have Welcoming Natural Warm Colors this is going to include warmer colors like reds, moss greens, delicate blues, and some brinish gray colors.  Next on the list for classic color combinations is Friendly Warm Colors, these are going to be brighter and lusher, but you are also going to have some combinations of grays and whites as well such as Oswego Tea D32-5 and Black Magic D58-6 for accent trims.

Cape Cod Color Combinations

When you hire a top house painter in NJ you can tell them you specifically want a Cape Cod inspired theme, or you can do what most people do and find your own colors.  These colors are known to be bright and rich colors, but you are going to find different color variations such as blues, grays and whites, grey blue, gray and red, etc.  Cape Cod homes tend to be homes that are 1 to 1.5 stories in height, and they usually have a clapboard or shingle siding.  These types of homes, like that of a traditional home will also have steep gabled roofs that are matched with shallow overhangs on the house.  This is a home style that offers chic appeal, but also a relaxed living space as well.  A few color combinations to consider are; Belgian Waffle B14-2 for the body, Queen Anne’s lace A10-3 for the trim and Fire mist B32-5 for the accent.  Witch Hazel D10-2 for the body, Black Forest D57-6 for the trim and Chinese Porcelain C52-5 for the accents – I love this Chinese Porcelain C52-5 color its sort of a blue ocean color, great for homes on or by the water.

Brick and Stone House Color Combinations

Modern homes often borrow different elements from different styles and time periods, so it’s not really a big surprise to see gabled roofs, big beautiful bay windows, alongside shutters and a portico – which are considered modern meets traditional.  The great thing about brick and stone houses is that they dictate what the other colors in the palette should look like i.e.; if you have sandy stones or tan you are going to want to stick to sandy or tan colors.  On the other hand, if you have red brick, you will want to stick to colors that go with red such as blacks, grays, reds and so on.  A few color combinations to consider are; Pony Tail C15-3 for the body, for the trim Brandied Pears C15-2 and Shaker Peg C16-6 as an accent.  Witch Hazel D10-2 as the body, the trim as Bran Muffin B16-5, and the accent as Russian Olive C12-6.


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