Top Exterior Paint Colors

Top Exterior Paint ColorsThe outside of your house and exterior walls, trim and accents are one of if not THE most important factor to any house because essentially it’s the first thing that people see when they drive up to your house.  Not only is it important for when you already live in a home and you want the house to be appealing to guests and neighbors, but if you ever plan on selling your home, these factors will also need to be considered for curb appeal.  Curb appeal is not just the parts of the house though either, they also include pools, landscaping designs, decks, patios, etc.  One of the best ways you can spruce up the outside of your home is by simply adding a fresh coat of paint to its walls, trim and accents.  If you are looking for the top exterior paint colors this year you may want to contact a top exterior house painter in Morristown, or you may simply want to continue to read the blog below for more information.

Two Tone Olive

In some cases you might consider an olive color for something like trim or accents and only for trim and accents.  But, if you think about it olive is a great color for any part of the home, including the body, because it brings in the landscape of the year such as olive green bushes, leaves and tree trunks.  For a double duo of olive green, we suggest that you try two paints from Benjamin Moore – both are olive greens, but they are so fantastic together, you might not mind that they are two of the same hues; Gloucester Sage (HC-100) and Dakota Woods Green (2139-20).  To add a little bit of color to the greenish home, consider adding a splash of color to the front door, but something that goes well with these types of greens such as a yellow orange stain.  Front doors are a great way to make an entrance and draw people’s attention.

Putty and Gray

For the past 5+ years gray has been the color choice for both indoors and outdoors – in fact, designers and decorators alike say that this color is going to be popular for another 3-5 years which makes it a perfect choice for the outside of your home.  Try to choose a softer gray for the body of the house, and use a nice deep gray color for the accents and trim.  This is also a good option for homes where you have a home owners association and the homes have to be a neutral color.  These colors are very good for homes that tend to be more traditional in style, but that you still want to create a complementing style from.

Charcoal and Lime

Alright, I know this one automatically screams eclectic and bold, but just give it a chance.  This is obviously not going to look good on a home that is traditional.  After all, there is nothing remotely traditional about this color combination.  It would, however, look good with a modern, architectural or art deco style of home – one with various aesthetically pleasing architectural features or highlights.  The two colors used in this situation are Gunmetal (1602) for the siding and Tequila Lime (2028-30) on the door.  This combo is good for both large and small homes, and adds a bright pop of color to the front focal point.

Sand and Brown

I really like this one, because it’s much different than anything else I have ever seen before.  It creates a very warm and charming sense of style for the home, and can be used on smaller to medium sized spaces.  The sand color which is painted on the upper part of the house presents the other homes in the area, where the brown creates a visual base that is warm and inviting.  You can really use whatever sand and brown you want, but I really love a sandy color that has a tiny tint of yellow to it and the brown to be more milk chocolate brown and less dark chocolate brown.

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