How to Expand Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space

Way back in the winter and spring you could hardly wait for how warm and amazing the summer was going to be. During the summer, your outdoor living space can see lots of use – chances are you are going to want to enjoy the fresh air, the sun, and the smell of freshly cut grass.  However most people that have yards just have grass, and some chairs to sit on, but if you want to create the backyard of your dreams, you want to try to expand your outdoor living space to make it really cozy, serene and comfortable.  In order to do that you need ideas on how to go about that, thankfully if you continue reading below you will see some great ideas to hopefully inspire you. Continue reading

What is Traditional Exterior Design?

Traditional Exterior Design
When it comes to exterior remodeling trends, traditional design is one of the most popular options to choose from.  But, when most people think of traditional design, they think of a style that is boring and plain.  This is not the truth though.  If you want to create an exterior design using traditional style, use the guide below to help you out.  One of the most important things to remember when it comes to traditional style is that curb appeal is of the utmost importance.  Curb appeal means that the home should have clean exteriors, with well-kept landscaping and it needs to be maintained.  The outside of a home in any style is one that leaves a lasting impression since it’s the first impression people will get from the outside of the home.  This is also important to note if you plan on selling your home and that’s why you are looking into traditional exterior remodeling trends. Continue reading

Design Trends for a Small Backyard

Trends for a Small BackyardSome people think that if they have a small backyard, it automatically means that their yard has to be cheesy, chintzy or that they can’t design it at all.  But, that’s just not the case.  One of the things you want to look for are articles just like this one to help give your ideas and instill some creativity inside of you to help you when it comes to designing your small backyard – it doesn’t matter if you have a single family home, duplex, or even shared housing, the ideas below are great ones to use if you have a smaller area to work with.  The number one key to remember when it comes to a small space, is to not over crowd it with items, this just makes it appear even smaller, and it gets hard to move around in. Below you will see a number of tips that are circled around home remodeling trends and designs. Continue reading

Pet Friendly Backyard Design

Pet Friendly Backyard DesignIf you have dogs, you probably have dreams of them frolicking around the backyard, with plenty of water, fun toys, and seeing that smile on their face that shows how excited they are to be outside.  Dogs are, after all, outdoor creatures.  But, it’s not like you can just let them out and hope for the best – well you can, but I doubt he or she will have much fun!  If you want to really make a special place for you and your dog to play and have fun, you have to create a pet friendly backyard and in order to do this, you need to read the blog below for some amazing ideas that Fido is just going to love! Continue reading

How to Prepare the Backyard for Summer

Prepare the Backyard for summerWith summer (finally!) approaching, it’s a good time now to start putting together a to-do list to get started on spring cleaning for your backyard.  This can be a little to do list such as raking old leaves away, pruning the bushes, or even cleaning off the deck and side of the house with a pressure hose or it can be a little more expansive such as bringing out the lawn furniture, putting up new foundations to keep the summer heat away and add a little shade, or even repainting the deck!  Here we will do a little bit of both with the to-do list below. Continue reading

Types of Lighting for Pools

Lighting for PoolsInstalling the right kind of lighting around your pool is as important as the pool itself. Just like inside your home, lack of lighting, or the wrong types of lighting, can be dangerous. Couple that with slippery walkways and a body of water in your backyard, and you’ve got a serious safety hazard. The right kind of lighting in and around your swimming pool is a vital part of the security of your family and friends. It’s also the perfect way to add fun, excitement, and even elegance to your pool and landscaping. If you’re looking for better ways to light up that entertainment arena you’ve already created in your backyard, here are some tips on the different types of lighting that can help you make your pool the safe and enjoyable addition to your Stamford home you had in mind. Continue reading

How to Design Landscape Around a Pool

Landscape Around a PoolA beautiful swimming pool in your backyard … it’s part of the American dream for many people in Greenwich and throughout the country. In fact, it’s estimated that upwards of 32 percent of all home owners in the United States own a pool. Swimming pools come with myriad advantages, from recreation to fun to relaxation. And if you’ve got kids, then you’ve got a whole new level of perk to your pool. Of course, landscaping around your own little ocean can be a bit intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. The truth is, though, that landscaping with a pool can be just as simple as landscaping without one. By incorporating just a few important steps into your landscaping project, you can create the area you’ve always dreamed of, with your swimming pool as the front-and-center star of the show. Here are some tips on designing landscaping around your pool that can help you turn your backyard into an elegant arena of beauty and entertainment. Continue reading

How To Determine the Best Pool Size

Best Pool SizeYou’ve always wanted to put a swimming pool in your backyard, and you’ve finally decided to take the plunge. Installing a swimming pool is the ideal way to have your own self-contained holiday resort, but now that you’re ready to dive right in, your head is positively swimming with questions. Bad pool puns aside, it’s a pretty safe bet that, if you’re ready to install a swimming pool in your yard, you really are seeking answers, and the first thing on your mind likely is what size pool to get. Choosing the right size for your Stamford home is vital if you want to get the most out of your pool. There are several factors to consider when deciding on swimming pool size. The simplest way to think about what pool size to elect is to use ‘the three Ps.’ That’s right, when it comes to pool size, it’s all about purpose, people, and partaaaaays! Continue reading

How to Winterize the Backyard Pool

Winterize the Backyard Pool
Winterize the Backyard Pool

If you have an underground swimming pool, it’s absolutely necessary to winterize it.  Even if you are one of those people that live in a warmer climate, you still should be taking a few simple steps to keep your pool, the system itself and your pool area maintained for wintertime.  These guidelines below are a general rule, but because each person has different climates they live in, different pool sizes and shapes as well as different equipment, tools and mechanics, if you really want to know how to winterize your specific pool ask a profession about pool construction in Greenwich CT for more exact information. Continue reading

Trends in Landscape Design

Landscape Design
Landscape Design

How many times during the brutal Winter of 2013-14, were you standing at the window, face pressed against the glass, watching the snow slowly pile up on your deck? Were you mumbling and muttering to yourself “I can hardly wait for Summer to arrive” … well, living here in Monmouth County, New Jersey, in that endless snowy landscape, you know you sure weren’t alone. Perhaps you surveyed the Polar Vortex damage in your front and back yards and sighed heavily – what bushes and plants survived and which ones didn’t make it? Well, the Fourth of July is here, and if those bushes are still brown and without a sign of life, get your shovel and some elbow grease and yank those ugly bushes out now!

But, here’s a concept. Before you go to the nursery and buy replacement bushes, and saddle yourself with the tedious job of replanting, why not reclaim your backyard and make it into your go-to place to relax after work, kick back on the weekend all Summer and beyond – even during those crisp Autumn temps? You could seek the advice of a landscape contractor or peruse some unique DIY projects on the internet using your current hardscape. A stunning backyard does not need to be a landscape design consisting solely of flowers, bushes and trees. Why limit your backyard to boring bushes or peaked-looking perennials and annuals which have usually lost their spunk by Labor Day? If you haven’t re-landscaped in eons, there are many exciting new ideas to enhance your outside living area. Now that you’re left with the gaping holes and bare garden beds from the bushes and plants that bit the dust, consider extending an existing patio made of plain concrete or a slab, and leap into a more rustic look with paver bricks. There are many styles, sizes and colors to choose from and they are easy to maintain … a little sand or stone dust worked into the spaces between the bricks will keep your pavers looking perfect and your new patio is ready for some dancing on a moonlit night.

What about an outside kitchen? Now that will wow the neighbors for sure and it beats being cooped up indoors, standing over a hot stove while the family languishes poolside or out on the patio. Summer is so fleeting, so why not simply bring the inside kitchen outside? Cooking is never a drag when you’re enjoying meal preparation while catching up with everyone’s day. With the table and chairs a few steps away, there is no lugging everything in and out of the house to an old, splintery picnic table outside. This enables you to eat dinner just as late as you’d like with solar light treatments designed to add a decorative and functional glow to your outdoor living space. Once you’ve got that gleaming new grill and kitchen accoutrements, you’ll need some perfect outdoor furniture with snazzy, yet ultra-comfy cushions on which to relax. If you lack space for alot of chairs, think about getting wooden benches with built-in sturdy cushions to encircle the patio. Some of these outside settees can be used for storage purposes as well. Unless the mosquitoes make you run for cover, a fire pit would be the perfect touch for those long Summer nights spent with family and friends.

Part of reclaiming your backyard is turning it into a mini-paradise or an escape of sorts. Why not make it all about you? You can turn a humdrum fountain into an illuminated waterfall, where a gentle stream of trickling water flows over rocks, and is so soothing, that it is guaranteed to take the edge off at the tail end of a long workday. An oversized hammock is a great addition to any backyard, and now you can get them large enough for the whole family to sink into. If you’re not lucky enough to have two large trees in your backyard to string up a sturdy hammock, now is the time to visit your favorite local nursery and get yourself a pair of sturdy saplings. While those trees may look spindly right now, give them a few years and you will be relaxing in a humongous hammock, slung between those trees, sipping your favorite beverage and reading a great novel.

Waterscape Design
Waterscape Design

Now that we’ve created bliss in the backyard, it is time to evaluate the front yard. If that nasty Polar Vortex left plant and bush casualties in your front yard, you know that all the TLC in the world will not bring those bushes back. Time is a precious commodity, and you don’t want to spend any more of it than necessary doing back-breaking yard work when that backyard nirvana beckons, so keep it simple. You can still have a showplace front yard, if you follow these few landscaping tips.

– Never buy bushes that grow too fast or are high maintenance because they will look gangly or unkempt no matter how diligent you are with your pruning shears.


– A few strategically placed annuals or pots with colorful flowers will complement your foliage and add some appeal to your front yard, but not keep you constantly deadheading blossoms or a slave to the sprinkler or garden hose. If you have any questions you should consult a top landscaping contractor in Monmouth County and they will help you to design the perfect landscape

You know that you dreamed of these long, hot, lazy days of Summer, so with a little planning and some edgy landscape design, your very own backyard paradise in Monmouth County, New Jersey awaits you.