What is Modern Exterior Design?

Modern Exterior DesignWhen people think of designing or decorating a home – inside or out, they usually tend to ask themselves what types of styles they prefer.  Personally for me, I love modern styles.  But, for someone else they may like country Chic, French Country, Traditional, Art Deco, etc.  There are literally over a dozen different classified styles so you have plenty to choose from.  But, if like me, you love modern, you might think that placing modern touches inside the home is the only way to design.  But, that’s not true.  In fact, many of the things you see on the exterior part of a home can be classified as modern.  When most people think of modern styles they think of glass, natural stone, natural wood, clean lines, lots of space, etc.  These “items” are all good for outdoor space or indoor space.  But, when it comes to the exterior of your home, you might need a few specific ideas (beyond just words).  Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place.  If you want to know what modern exterior design is, just continue to read below for some cool ideas where I’ll be looking at homes and giving you a few exterior details and descriptions on modern homes. Continue reading

Types of Lighting for Pools

Lighting for PoolsInstalling the right kind of lighting around your pool is as important as the pool itself. Just like inside your home, lack of lighting, or the wrong types of lighting, can be dangerous. Couple that with slippery walkways and a body of water in your backyard, and you’ve got a serious safety hazard. The right kind of lighting in and around your swimming pool is a vital part of the security of your family and friends. It’s also the perfect way to add fun, excitement, and even elegance to your pool and landscaping. If you’re looking for better ways to light up that entertainment arena you’ve already created in your backyard, here are some tips on the different types of lighting that can help you make your pool the safe and enjoyable addition to your Stamford home you had in mind. Continue reading

How to Design Landscape Around a Pool

Landscape Around a PoolA beautiful swimming pool in your backyard … it’s part of the American dream for many people in Greenwich and throughout the country. In fact, it’s estimated that upwards of 32 percent of all home owners in the United States own a pool. Swimming pools come with myriad advantages, from recreation to fun to relaxation. And if you’ve got kids, then you’ve got a whole new level of perk to your pool. Of course, landscaping around your own little ocean can be a bit intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. The truth is, though, that landscaping with a pool can be just as simple as landscaping without one. By incorporating just a few important steps into your landscaping project, you can create the area you’ve always dreamed of, with your swimming pool as the front-and-center star of the show. Here are some tips on designing landscaping around your pool that can help you turn your backyard into an elegant arena of beauty and entertainment. Continue reading

How To Determine the Best Pool Size

Best Pool SizeYou’ve always wanted to put a swimming pool in your backyard, and you’ve finally decided to take the plunge. Installing a swimming pool is the ideal way to have your own self-contained holiday resort, but now that you’re ready to dive right in, your head is positively swimming with questions. Bad pool puns aside, it’s a pretty safe bet that, if you’re ready to install a swimming pool in your yard, you really are seeking answers, and the first thing on your mind likely is what size pool to get. Choosing the right size for your Stamford home is vital if you want to get the most out of your pool. There are several factors to consider when deciding on swimming pool size. The simplest way to think about what pool size to elect is to use ‘the three Ps.’ That’s right, when it comes to pool size, it’s all about purpose, people, and partaaaaays! Continue reading

How to Winterize the Backyard Pool

Winterize the Backyard Pool
Winterize the Backyard Pool

If you have an underground swimming pool, it’s absolutely necessary to winterize it.  Even if you are one of those people that live in a warmer climate, you still should be taking a few simple steps to keep your pool, the system itself and your pool area maintained for wintertime.  These guidelines below are a general rule, but because each person has different climates they live in, different pool sizes and shapes as well as different equipment, tools and mechanics, if you really want to know how to winterize your specific pool ask a profession about pool construction in Greenwich CT for more exact information. Continue reading

Types of Pool Liners

Pool Liners
Pool Liners

When it comes to above ground swimming pools, you absolutely must have a pool liner.  Not only are liners used for appeal and style, but they are also used for keeping the water inside the pool without leaks.  Liners also tend to protect the walls from an above ground pool by keeping the walls rust free and from getting deteriorate.  When it comes to pool restoration in Greenwich CT there are a few things you need to know about pool liners, as well as what pool liners are available and which ones you should use for your pool.  There are 3 types of pool liners and as with all products and comparisons, each one offers a different variable; ease of maintenance, cost and security and safety issues.  The one you choose will obviously depend on what variable is the most important to your needs and wants when it comes to a pool liner for your swimming pool.

Pool Liner Style

If you already have a swimming pool that is above ground, you can take a look at the construction of it and find out which type you have.  This is the type you should stick with, unless you are changing the entire process of the structure.  If you have not built the pool yet and you want to find out the best one to choose from; you can use any of the three below.  Each has its own distinct look, feel and price so stick to what suites you the best.  For example, if you don’t mind having to make adjustments along the way, but you also want something that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, the Uni bead would be best for you.  On the other hand, if you want something super secure that may take a little longer to adjust because of all the mechanics, the beaded liner may be the best option for your needs.  Either way, here are the 3 types of pool liners available to you: Continue reading

Waterscape Design Trends

Waterscape DesignWater – a natural stress reliever

In a society where we are tied to our electronic devices all day, nowadays, the need to get away and de-stress is greater than ever before. The preferable place is by the water, maybe in a tropical locale, or a beautiful resort. Sometimes, people will buy a boat. Why? Because, to listen to the waves gently lapping all around you is very soothing. It is a well-known fact that people who live near the water are many more laid back than the rest of us. Psychologists tell us that floating weightlessly in water, like on an air mattress or pool float, is a comforting, almost womb-like experience which tends to make anxiety dissolve away. So also, can being in or around a pool have a definite positive impact on your state of mind. Beautiful surroundings and the soothing sound of water equate peace and offer a perfect setting for quiet meditation. It is true that your simple, rectangular concrete pool can become the ultimate stress reliever, or, you can take it one step further, and enhance that beautiful swimming pool setting by installing waterscape features in close proximity to your pool.

Waterscape design trends

As you strolled around the big box stores, you’ve seen sprinkling fountains or bubbling spheres or even a simple vertical plane waterfall. Those enhancements, either beautiful or whimsical, are easy enough ways to add some pizazz to your outdoor living space and can be done by any DIYer.

But, if you choose to pair up a waterscape extravaganza with your in-ground pool, there are options galore, especially if you are getting a brand-new pool. Don’t limit yourself to the regular rectangular-shaped pool … if you choose a fiberglass pool, because they are constructed in a one-piece molded design, you can have any shape or style of pool depending on the size of your backyard. Thus, with the pool shape of your choice, there is much more room for creativity. A naturalistic or rustic setting can be created wherein the actual pool and its accessories will just morph into the background. In-ground pools may meld into a lush tropical setting and have adjoining spas or whirlpools just steps away from the main pool area. A newer trend with swimming pools is to create an exciting “fire and water” effect wherein huge fire bowls spewing cascading water appear every ten feet around the entire pool perimeter. Hiring a local contractor who specializes in pool design can help you turn your pool area into a mini-paradise which is sure to make a big splash with your family and friends.

Rectangular swimming pools are now considered passé because these newer exciting pool shapes are more versatile and may be combined with softscape items like ornamental grasses, rock gardens or maybe consider using various types of waterscape extravaganzas. Why not try meshing your in-ground pool with a stupendous waterfall? Consulting with a pool construction expert will yield ideas and concepts to create a paradise with your regular or lap pool, and then add a cascading waterfall in the background, which will softly trickle down and empty into your swimming pool. A waterfall can even be placed amidst your existing landscape or new landscape to create a lush, tropical effect or paired with boulders from which water trickles or cascades down right into your pool or adjoining spa.

There are countless options for creating visual and sound effects using water, all designed to make your pool look and feel like paradise, and the benefit to you is it is the most ultimate relaxing go-to spot you could ever ask for. Although the cascading waterfall trickling into your swimming pool is the most popular waterscape concept, tropical-style fountains or even sheer waterfalls, can create a unique or exotic look to your pool. For fun and frivolity try adding spraying jets – they, like the waterfalls, add movement and drama, especially when paired with low lights for an evening setting. Special soft lights or even piped-in easy listening music with that moving water will mellow you out like nothing else. How relaxing is that?

Life’s a beach.

A getaway to a beach is the ultimate luxury, but a good pool design contractor can create that beach effect for you, just without the sand between your toes, right in your own backyard. A new concept for pools is how the edge of the pool is created. The way that a waterfall trickles from high above into a pool as you leisurely take long strokes across its expanse is the ultimate waterscape treat for upscale homes. But, couple that waterscape treatment with an edgy concept like the newest trend of how you enter your pool. As mentioned above, rectangular pools are so “yesterday” and trending pools are now found in any size or shape. Likewise, you used to be able to enter a pool only by steps or a ladder. If you like the feel of wading into the ocean, a “beach entry” pool edge creates that experience by utilizing a gradual slope from the deck into the water. Because no steps are involved, not only is the effect pretty awesome, it is ideal for children, seniors or those with special needs. What a great look if you are using the naturalistic background of a cascading waterfall. This natural transition entry into the pool takes many of space to achieve, so it is often used in combination with a multi-level transition in another area. The final result is the illusion that your pool area is along a sandy shore, not just beyond your back door.

Yup, life’s a beach.