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In Ground Pools
In Ground Pools

David Lionetti is the president of Shoreline Pools. Shoreline Pools isStamford’s most successful swimming pool construction and design company, and the reason why is clear. President David Lionetti and his valued team of skilled engineers, expert craftsmen, and knowledgeable, friendly sales staff have grown Shoreline Pools from a business plan that combines old-fashioned family values with state-of-the-art innovation. No other pool construction and design company in the area can match the expertise, experience, and excellence that David Lionetti and Shoreline Pools has exhibited for nearly half a century.

Shoreline service

David Lionetti, President of Shoreline Pools, prides himself on the first-class service that he and his dedicated team provide to every one of their valued customers. With respected leader David Lionetti at the helm, their 250-person-strong force has built Shoreline Pools into the most highly regarded and reputable pool construction and design company in the area, one gratified customer at a time.

Face it. Testimonials are what customer service and appreciation are all about. With thousands of happy clients, David Lionetti and Shoreline Pools don’t just build pools. They build relationships. They build trust. They help each and every customer build the backyard living space they’ve always dreamed of, with pools, hot tubs, fountains, beach entries, and more. That’s why the products of Shoreline Pools have grown into the area’s most sought-after pool designs in New England and beyond. From Stamford to Martha’s Vineyard to Bermuda to the Hamptons, the name Shoreline Pools has become synonymous with superior quality and the highest standards. This is a fact exhibited every day in the testimonials of Shoreline Pool’s satisfied customers.

“Shoreline was a wonderful experience. We are so impressed with the quality work and organization!”

“On behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the magnificent pool you have just completed for us. We contracted with your company, having done substantial research, primarily because of your excellent reputation. I can honestly say that you actually surpassed our highest expectations!”

“Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful hot tub. We were in it the other night for about an hour, and it is better than any medicine the doctors can prescribe! It will be thoroughly enjoyed.”

“My wife and I are thrilled with the pool! Shoreline did a fantastic job, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and all of your colleagues for a most professional job!”

That’s just what you’ll get from Shoreline Pools … professionalism, quality, magnificence, and surpassed expectations. David Lionetti and his crack team of experts insist on no less! They are ‘real pros,’ as one happy customer puts it, adding, ‘I would definitely recommend Shoreline to others.’ And Shoreline Pool’s faithful customers never stop letting them know how excited they are, each and every time they and their families enjoy the lavish, elegant, and well-built pools and other backyard amenities they purchase from Shoreline Pools.

David Lionetti
David Lionetti

Pool safety

Without safety, a pool is just an expensive hole in the backyard. That’s why David Lionetti’s single-minded pursuit of the highest safety standards has become the industry model. To ensure the utmost security of every single one of their products and services, David developed and implemented an employee safety training program that instructs every one of Shoreline Pools’ managers and field laborers on incomparable safety practices and protocols. This rigorous training program is only one way David and Shoreline Pools ensure client safety. In 2009, David effected a customer safety initiative that provides complimentary pool safety checks and additional safety resources to every Shoreline Pools client.

David’s commitment to unwavering swimming pool and hot tub safety motivated him to establish safety procedures that other pool and construction companies are now looking to as the standard to follow in the pool construction industry. From annual safety training for Shoreline Pools employees, to complimentary safety inspections, to proposals regarding how to increase pool safety, the dedication of David Lionetti to the absolute of pool safety protocols … these are the things that have built the Shoreline Pools reputation as unmatched in the field of luxury pool construction and design. In addition, David has endorsed the Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS). This is a device installed to monitor pump suction changes, offering yet another assurance of protection to the Shoreline Pools customer. And that’s not all. David’s team serves on two of the swimming pool industries most recognized and important safety organizations, NESPA (Northeast Spa and Pool Association) and CONSPA (Connecticut Spa & Pool Association). Their service to these valued institutions ensures that David Lionetti and Shoreline Pools are involved in the implementation of the most stringent building codes possible in the swimming pool industry.

Innovative products

When it comes to pool designs, ‘green’ is the word, and when talking about pool innovations, no other luxury pool construction and design company can touch the cutting edge designs of the Shoreline Pools team. With all eyes focused these days on establishing and promoting environmentally friendly products, Shoreline Pools offers the most state-of-the-art solutions to operating every one of their pools in order to maximize resources and minimize ecological footprints.

Pool covers and controls

Pool covers and controls don’t have to use up a lot of the Earth’s resources to be highly effective. Shoreline Pools provides safer and cleaner options that reduce filter and chemical costs and maintenance with remote-controlled pool covers that decrease heat loss. That means that every owner of every Shoreline pool can achieve a more comfortable water temperature with minimal heater usage as well as a longer swimming season. And today’s energy efficient pool controls reduce energy waste by optimizing energy usage, for better utilization of resources and lower pool maintenance costs.

Sterilization systems

Caustic chlorine treatments are a thing of the past with Shoreline Pools’ new salt sterilization systems that naturally convert chlorine into salt. You never knew pool water could be as refreshing and clear as the crystal clear water in your bathtub!

Filters and pumps

The ultramodern eco-friendliness of Shoreline Pools’ new pumps and filters are as pleasant as they are energy efficient. These amazing new gadgets reduce noise, conserve water, and save on energy bills like no other pumps and filters on the market today.

Refined design

David Lionetti has taken Shoreline Pools to the height of pool construction. And yet their designers are still coming up with bigger, better, and more luxurious design ideas that continue to make Shoreline Pools Stamford’s preeminent full-service pool construction and design company. With nearly five decades of experience, no other pool company in the area can boast the unparalleled reputation of Shoreline Pools headed up by one of the area’s most highly regarded business professionals, David Lionetti.

shoreline pools in stamford
shoreline pools in stamford

Shoreline Pools was founded in 1969 by the inimitable Lucio Lionetti, father of Shoreline’s current president David Lionetti. Lucio quickly put his son to work in the family business, where David tirelessly learned every aspect of the installation, repair, and maintenance of luxury pools. From pool engineering to artful design, David was educated in the business from the ground up, making him a natural successor to his knowledgeable and experienced dad. From there, David grew his career into an area model of professionalism and service that are second to none in the pool construction industry. And he took the luxury designs and unmatched reputation of Shoreline Pools to greater heights with pride in the knowledge that their customers are receiving the most magnificent and luxurious pool designs in the New England area.

Lucio Lionetti built the family business on the idea that every swimming pool should be a luxurious addition to the home it accompanies, establishing extended living space that gives pool owners an entertainment oasis, and that’s just how David sees it. The sumptuous pools, hot tubs, fountains, and more that David oversees and implements are designed to connect with natural surroundings, creating a peaceful and beautiful backyard world that renews, restores, and reinvigorates every time customers use them. Each pool constructed by David’s expert team of artisans and engineers has built Shoreline’s world-class reputation as the company to beat in creating the grandest of backyard recreational arenas. The fact is that David Lionetti and Shoreline Pools aren’t just about putting a pool in a backyard. They’re about achieving clients’ dreams of soothing spas, wondrous waterfalls, and plush swimming pools that combine beach entries, sun shelves, lounging areas, and more. Put simply, no Stamford backyard is complete without one of Shoreline Pools’ upscale pool designs integrated with all the special features that make owning a pool one of life’s most splendid experiences.

David Lionetti, President of Stamford’s one and only Shoreline Pools, has grown his renowned business into the leading pool company in the area. David’s experience and commitment to excellence are the driving force behind Shoreline’s reputation. Unmatched, superb service that makes every customer the customer. Unequalled, incomparable safety standards that ensure every customer’s security and trust. Innovative, environmentally friendly products that fuse energy efficiency with customer satisfaction. And opulent, refined designs that make Shoreline Pools the standard in the industry. These are the qualities that prove once and for all that Shoreline Pools is Stamford’s quintessential luxury pool construction and design company.

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