Types of Pool Filters

Pool Filters
Pool Filters

There are three types of pool filters to think about when it comes to pool construction in Greenwich CT.  They are; sand filters, cartridge filters and DE filters.  To be honest, all three work quite when they are installed the right way and maintained properly.  However, the difference therein lies within the actual performance of each filter – each one has its own performance issues variables, positive and negative.  Beyond performance, another big decision maker for homeowners is the cost of the filters.  Below, we will talk about those 3 types of filters and give a little more information about each filter so you can make a more informed choice.

Sand Pool Filters

These are one of the most commonly used filters out of all three.  The biggest reason they are used the most is because they are quite inexpensive.  Sand filters work just as well as the other two filters, but when it comes to microscopic debris; it does not work as well as the other two.  That’s why its performance is set at a medium level.  But, for some pool owners a microscopic piece of dirt, dust or debris is not important to them.  It really just depends on HOW clean you really want your pool to be.  Sand filters last 4-10 years approximately.  These filters work by way of sand called pool grade silica sand to filter out any debris and contaminants.  The off side to this type of filter is that in order to clean it, you have to use the backwash technique.  This also has to be done quite a lot – which could be a waste of water and chemicals on your end. Continue reading

Eco Friendly Pool Design

Green Design
Green Design

Gone are the days when backyard pools ate up the yard and took over the land. In fact, so many of today’s pool designs are about blending harmoniously with natural surroundings. After all, water is such a beautiful natural element; it should be utilized to its fullest splendor. If you’ve been thinking about putting in a backyard pool, but you’re not happy with the way pool construction can sometimes impose on nature’s balance, you’ll be glad to know there’s a whole new world of pool designs that seek to create peaceful synthesis of your living space with the world around it. More than ever, modern pool construction and design are taking on the environmentally unfriendly pools of the past, and the result is a whole new alliance between your home and the world that surrounds it.

Green equals blue

Today’s designs of pool accessories are a small marvel of modern technology. They clean, heat, and filter while still conserving precious resources. Environmentally friendly means that pump innovation cleans without creating a huge carbon footprint. Today’s variable speed pumps shave up to 80 percent off electric usage because they use just the amount of energy needed to keep pool water clean and blue. Sand filters are a waste of precious water and energy. Statistics show that sand filters waste more water than just about every other pool filter due to backwashing, and there’s just no need for them any longer. For those who are conscious of their surroundings and appreciative of natural resources, cartridge filters are the way to go. These filters utilize thousands of gallons less per year than other filters and need very little cleaning. Diatomaceous earth (DE) filters require less time to filter, and today’s cartridge filter systems use much less water to clean your eco-friendly pool. Solar blankets, too, are a perfect green method of heating your pool because they borrow heat from the greenest source of energy ever, the sun. Solar heaters are a green way to keep pool water the right temperature because they also use energy from the sun, and they shut off automatically when desired temp is reached. Finally, to maximize green while still attaining blue, today’s timers can stop all that waste as they no longer require your pool’s filter to run 24/7.

Bio ethics

Blending with nature … that’s what your principles are all about. Today’s new bio designs in backyard pools are created with that in mind. They are constructed to perfectly blend your pool with your backyard’s environment. Imagine being able to custom design your pool to incorporate your yard’s landscaping right alongside it. As nature flows, so does your pool, perfectly integrating land and pool as the ultimate infusion of habitat with humanity.

Endless green

One of the concepts of living a greener life is to step lightly on the Earth. To this end, many people are opting for smaller homes that conserve resources. Spa pools can be an ideal means of doing this because they take up much less space than their elaborate counterparts. ‘Endless’ pools are designed specifically to fit into smaller spaces, using less resources and modest landscapes.

Green for life

If you’ve always dreamed of having a living, breathing pond right in your own backyard, this is the pool for you! For people who are really serious about being eco-friendly … to whom the words environmentally friendly mean life in its most natural form … nothing beats the latest trend in green pools known as ‘living pools.’ Nothing kills the idea of green more than the use of unnatural chemicals. Instead, living pools utilize natural mosses and aquatic life to eat algae that can attack your pool water. It’s the epitome of going green right in your own backyard.
Water is a natural miracle, and a backyard pool should gracefully connect with the natural world like the water that flows through it. If you dream of adding an oasis to your Stamford backyard that enhances, rather than encroaches, on the environment, take a look at today’s green pool designs. Modern environmentally friendly pools are the perfect extension of your yard’s landscape. Contact a pool construction company for more information on pool designs that create harmony and balance with your surroundings.