Olympic-Sized Pool Designs

Olympic Pool DesignEpic! It’s a word you hear a lot these days, especially if you’ve got kids. But can you think of a better use of this adjective than describing your very own Olympic-sized pool?! Imagine it… the vast, seemingly never-ending clarity; the crisp, blue H2O; the weightlessness that goes on for days; and the boundless, ceaseless relaxation possibilities. What could, conceivably, be a more ideal addition to your backyard than a pool the size of an Olympic athlete’s playground? If you’ve come to a place in your life where your hard work and success have afforded you the opportunity to build your own gigantic pool the size of the ones used in the Olympics, you likely have questions that, pardon the bad pun, are making your head swim. Here are some tips on Olympic-sized pool designs from companies like Shoreline Pools that will help keep you from drowning in confusion. Continue reading

How to Winterize the Backyard Pool

Winterize the Backyard Pool
Winterize the Backyard Pool

If you have an underground swimming pool, it’s absolutely necessary to winterize it.  Even if you are one of those people that live in a warmer climate, you still should be taking a few simple steps to keep your pool, the system itself and your pool area maintained for wintertime.  These guidelines below are a general rule, but because each person has different climates they live in, different pool sizes and shapes as well as different equipment, tools and mechanics, if you really want to know how to winterize your specific pool ask a profession about pool construction in Greenwich CT for more exact information. Continue reading

Types of Pool Filters

Pool Filters
Pool Filters

There are three types of pool filters to think about when it comes to pool construction in Greenwich CT.  They are; sand filters, cartridge filters and DE filters.  To be honest, all three work quite when they are installed the right way and maintained properly.  However, the difference therein lies within the actual performance of each filter – each one has its own performance issues variables, positive and negative.  Beyond performance, another big decision maker for homeowners is the cost of the filters.  Below, we will talk about those 3 types of filters and give a little more information about each filter so you can make a more informed choice.

Sand Pool Filters

These are one of the most commonly used filters out of all three.  The biggest reason they are used the most is because they are quite inexpensive.  Sand filters work just as well as the other two filters, but when it comes to microscopic debris; it does not work as well as the other two.  That’s why its performance is set at a medium level.  But, for some pool owners a microscopic piece of dirt, dust or debris is not important to them.  It really just depends on HOW clean you really want your pool to be.  Sand filters last 4-10 years approximately.  These filters work by way of sand called pool grade silica sand to filter out any debris and contaminants.  The off side to this type of filter is that in order to clean it, you have to use the backwash technique.  This also has to be done quite a lot – which could be a waste of water and chemicals on your end. Continue reading

In Ground Pools Vs Above Ground Pools

pool fencingAs you think about getting a pool installed in your backyard, you might be somewhat confused by the various options you’ll find in store. But while a vast array of pool design schemes exist for all sorts of tastes and backyard layouts, pool construction is a relatively straight forward process. Simply put, there are basically two ways a pool can be placed in your backyard: above-ground or in-ground. Continue reading

Eco Friendly Pool Design

Green Design
Green Design

Gone are the days when backyard pools ate up the yard and took over the land. In fact, so many of today’s pool designs are about blending harmoniously with natural surroundings. After all, water is such a beautiful natural element; it should be utilized to its fullest splendor. If you’ve been thinking about putting in a backyard pool, but you’re not happy with the way pool construction can sometimes impose on nature’s balance, you’ll be glad to know there’s a whole new world of pool designs that seek to create peaceful synthesis of your living space with the world around it. More than ever, modern pool construction and design are taking on the environmentally unfriendly pools of the past, and the result is a whole new alliance between your home and the world that surrounds it.

Green equals blue

Today’s designs of pool accessories are a small marvel of modern technology. They clean, heat, and filter while still conserving precious resources. Environmentally friendly means that pump innovation cleans without creating a huge carbon footprint. Today’s variable speed pumps shave up to 80 percent off electric usage because they use just the amount of energy needed to keep pool water clean and blue. Sand filters are a waste of precious water and energy. Statistics show that sand filters waste more water than just about every other pool filter due to backwashing, and there’s just no need for them any longer. For those who are conscious of their surroundings and appreciative of natural resources, cartridge filters are the way to go. These filters utilize thousands of gallons less per year than other filters and need very little cleaning. Diatomaceous earth (DE) filters require less time to filter, and today’s cartridge filter systems use much less water to clean your eco-friendly pool. Solar blankets, too, are a perfect green method of heating your pool because they borrow heat from the greenest source of energy ever, the sun. Solar heaters are a green way to keep pool water the right temperature because they also use energy from the sun, and they shut off automatically when desired temp is reached. Finally, to maximize green while still attaining blue, today’s timers can stop all that waste as they no longer require your pool’s filter to run 24/7.

Bio ethics

Blending with nature … that’s what your principles are all about. Today’s new bio designs in backyard pools are created with that in mind. They are constructed to perfectly blend your pool with your backyard’s environment. Imagine being able to custom design your pool to incorporate your yard’s landscaping right alongside it. As nature flows, so does your pool, perfectly integrating land and pool as the ultimate infusion of habitat with humanity.

Endless green

One of the concepts of living a greener life is to step lightly on the Earth. To this end, many people are opting for smaller homes that conserve resources. Spa pools can be an ideal means of doing this because they take up much less space than their elaborate counterparts. ‘Endless’ pools are designed specifically to fit into smaller spaces, using less resources and modest landscapes.

Green for life

If you’ve always dreamed of having a living, breathing pond right in your own backyard, this is the pool for you! For people who are really serious about being eco-friendly … to whom the words environmentally friendly mean life in its most natural form … nothing beats the latest trend in green pools known as ‘living pools.’ Nothing kills the idea of green more than the use of unnatural chemicals. Instead, living pools utilize natural mosses and aquatic life to eat algae that can attack your pool water. It’s the epitome of going green right in your own backyard.
Water is a natural miracle, and a backyard pool should gracefully connect with the natural world like the water that flows through it. If you dream of adding an oasis to your Stamford backyard that enhances, rather than encroaches, on the environment, take a look at today’s green pool designs. Modern environmentally friendly pools are the perfect extension of your yard’s landscape. Contact a pool construction company for more information on pool designs that create harmony and balance with your surroundings.

Types of Backyard Pools

In Ground Pools
In Ground Pools

Aint no cure for the summertime blues? Wrong! Backyard swimming pools are fast becoming summer’s best medicine for every type of stress and strife that life can throw your way. There are so many different types of pool designs, shapes, and sizes on the market these days that there’s sure to be a kind of pool that is perfectly suitable to your backyard. In-ground or above-ground, big or small, elaborate or affordable, backyard pools come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and materials that are inexpensive for most homeowners. And you can have a pool installed for so many different reasons, including health, entertainment, relaxation, and even for backyard beautification.

Above-ground pools

Above-ground pools are among the most popular types of pool designs because pool construction companies can install them efficiently with minimal backyard alteration. These feature a base typically just below the ground with a rise of several feet of walls on all sides that hold up the pool’s structure. Above-ground pools are lined with synthetic pool liners that effectively hold thousands of gallons of water. These are often constructed with surrounding decks that allow easy access with stairs or grades. They contain a filter and pump for easy cleaning and filtration. Above-ground pools come in several different heights, styles, and shapes, including rectangular, round, and oval.

In-ground pools

In-ground pools are constructed below ground level. Pool construction companies in Stamford dig a hole large enough to contain the entire construction of the pool that will enable them to a pour concrete form that will hold thousands of gallons of water. In-ground pool pump and filter systems are located under the ground or at ground level, and either construction is designed for easy access for cleaning and maintenance. These pools often cost a good deal more than above-ground pools, but they are built to last much longer. In-ground pools can come in various shapes and sizes, from small to Olympic sized. They can also be built for diving, which means they must be constructed at least eight feet deep, with water depth gradually increasing from one end to the other.

Vanishing edge pools

Vanishing edge, or ‘infinity,’ pools are constructed with a design that gives the effect that the pool is actually extending out toward the backyard’s landscaping. This pool’s construction removes one side of the pool, with the water flowing back into a basin underneath the pool itself and being pumped back into it. The result is a kind of ‘negative edge’ that gives the illusion that the water is flowing toward the horizon or over the land.

Spa pools

Spa pools, also referred to as ‘endless’ pools, are constructed in such a way that they can be smaller, enabling them to be installed in small backyards or even indoors. They use resistance jets at one end with a system of propelling water out and pushing it toward the back of the pool. The water current is constantly flowing in one direction. This motion of the water allows for swimming, walking, jogging, or other water exercise in place.

Fiberglass pools

Fiberglass swimming pools are a type of in-ground pool, also requiring professional installation. After the hole is dug, a fiberglass shell is used as the contour of the pool. The body of the pool is constructed with a single piece of fiberglass that is then lowered into the hole that is dug in the land. Concrete decks are then built around the pool. This type of pool is considered low maintenance because it allows in less bacteria and algae. It, therefore, requires less chemicals for cleaning.

Cruel summer? Not anymore! With all the different types of backyard pool designs, there’s just no excuse for sweltering in the hot sun all season. For small yards or big yards, in-ground, above-ground, hot tubs, freeform, diving … the list of pool construction types never ends. Contact a pool design professional in your area to discuss installing a pool in your backyard this summer. Because the only kind of summertime blues worth having are the sapphire blue colors shimmering in your brand new pool!